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Monte León and Ayagaures Dam Revisited

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One of the nice things about being on holidays, for an extended period of time, is the fact that you can actually get to disconnect from everything and unwind from it all. Relax, sit back and enjoy just doing … nothing. Or, on the contrary, you can go out and enjoy some of your favourite places to hang out where peace and quiet is just so abundant that it makes you feel rather small at times.

Yes, indeed, one of the great things about being on holidays is the fact that I can pick up once again one category that I have been neglecting over here for quite some time now (Nearly 7 months already!) and that I feel is just about time that I put a stop to it and get it going again. I am talking, of course, about the Photography section from elsua.net where I haven’t been sharing lately many of the different pictures that I have taken all along from the place where I live: Gran Canaria.

I have been uploading a few of them, my favourites, to my Flickr account, so you would be able to find them over there. However, there are some of them that I decided I just have got to share them as well over here, more than anything else because they all bring back some really good memories of different places I get to visit on a regular basis and certainly I would want to spread the word about them a bit.

Take, for example, Monte León and Presa de Ayagaures (Ayagaures’ Dam), two of my favourite places in the south of the island and which I can certainly recommend to go to for rather long walks where you can do plenty of thinking and unwinding, while enjoying some of the stunning nature around the area. In the past I have been weblogging about that particular area as well, but just a few days ago I went back there after we have had the first rainfall of the autumn and here you have got a couple of pictures of what it looks like now:

 Presa de Ayagaures

 On the Way to Monte León

 Presa de Ayagaures

 Monte León

And if that wasn’t good enough already here you have got as well one of my favourite pictures from the series that I took on my way to Monte León of one of the many mansions / villas you would be able to see along the way. Like this one:

On the Way to Monte León

Don’t tell me that it doesn’t make you feel like you would want to hang out there for a little while. Just a little while longer, right? Ahhh, yes, it is good to be on holidays and capture some more of these precious moments. Certainly, a whole lot more to come from other different places I have been to in the last few days. Stay tuned …

(Oh, and, don’t forget, if you would want to see some more of that same area, just head over to my Flickr account and you would be able to check out some more from that same area)

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