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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Weeks 49 and 50

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Here I am again sharing with you some further notes on some of the most popular weblog posts I have created in the last couple of weeks over at the other Internet weblog that I have been maintaining in the last few months: elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog around the world of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Communities and Social Computing. As you have been able to see, the last weblog entry I created on this subject followed the same format that I am going to follow in this particular post, which is actually group those popular weblog posts by the last two weeks, so that you get a chance to see in a single go what people have been reading in the last couple of weeks.

I must say that this time around folks over at ITtoolbox have actually been reading a bunch of different topics so, as usual, I am just going to share a couple of comments from the more frequent weblog entries that have appeared already over here and for the new ones I shall just put together the syndication feed summary so that you can have a quick look just in case you may have missed it. So without much further ado, here are the most popular weblog posts from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog in the last couple of weeks:

1. The Problem with Wikis Is People – Time to Provoke a Cultural Change in the Way We Share Knowledge?: A couple of days ago I actually bumped into a very interesting, and thought provoking, entry over at Jeremiah’s Web Strategy weblog titled: The Problem with Wikis is People, where he actually coins a very insightful definition of what wikis are all about: "Wikis are great for Community Knowledge". A definition that I would certainly agree with, I must say, specially from a Knowledge Management and Social Computing perspective.

But why is it that wikis have not been adopted widely specially both inside and outside of the firewall? Here is a weblog entry that tackles these issues and that proposes on solution: Provoke a cultural change!

2. Is Skype Becoming an Enterprise Collaboration Platform? – Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid!: Can you imagine what will happen if one of these days companies would start opening up to Skype and begin adopting it as an enterprise real-time collaboration tool? Can you imagine what that would mean for different businesses? Yes, Skype may be forbidden in most companies but how long before they give up and they would start seeing some more of the capabilities that Skype provides, specially with the recent release of Skype 3.

3. Taking Down Knowledge Management Barriers: For the second time running, this particular entry came up as being one of the top, most frequently read, weblog posts over the last couple of weeks and interestingly enough so it did the follow up weblog post I shared not so long afterwards: Taking Down Knowledge Management Barriers – Part Deux. I am glad to see that plenty of folks are actually discussing some of the major issues that have been dragging KM all along and try to venture into potential ways to address those issues, overcome them and bring KM back to where it was supposed to be in the first place. Stay tuned because there is a third part coming up tackling those same issues and I will be sharing those insights over here in this particular weblog.

4. 15 Ways to Use Software to Improve Your Knowledge Management: Here is this other weblog post coming up for the second time running as well, where it shows how quite a few people seem to be interested in how software, specially with all this social computing hype going on at the moment, is helping KM come back in full force empowering knowledge workers to share more information and knowledge and collaborate with others perhaps even much more effectively than ever before.

5. Your Single Social Network – ClaimID and Identity 2.0 to the Rescue?: Here is a follow up weblog post on the series about social networking fatigue that I have been weblogging about in the past a couple of times and which touches base on one of the major inhibitors from social networking adoption which is the sign-up and building further up of the initial network for each and everyone of the social networking tools available out there. This is another plea, like some other folks have already commented, on perhaps introducing a single and unique social networking profiling capability and use that one across the board.

6. IBM’s Knowledge Management Strategy: Well, well, well, it looks like this particular weblog entry seems to popup, almost every week, as one of the most popular reads as well. And I am saying all this because I am delighted that plenty of people are still interested in finding out some more about some of the stuff that IBM is doing in the space of KM, something that, if you would remember, I decided to give it a bit more exposure with the IBM category in this very same weblog. And again, I would suggest you continue to tune into this particular category because there will be plenty of stuff to discuss on this area during the course of 2007 or, perhaps, starting even earlier!

7. Ten Video Sharing Services Compared – Time to Enter the World of Videocasting? – Part Deux: Here is a follow up weblog entry on yesterday’s post that I shared regarding online video sharing offerings. If yesterday I was actually suggesting an interesting resource worth while going through for those folks interested in videocasting in general here is a recommendation to a weblog post from DVguru that is certainly worth while a read for those folks who may not be too sure where to get started and how to get things going with whatever the online video sharing service. The weblog entry may be a few months old already but still very much relevant and worth while a read, including the commentary.

So that was it, folks, at least, for the last couple of weeks. As you would be able to see, still that lovely combination of KM related topics, along with some more knowledge tools discussion and a few other interesting bits and pieces around the world of Social Computing that I haven’t covered elsewhere just yet, but that I am planning to come back to as time goes by. Specially in those areas where I feel that KM is coming back from wherever it was before and it is now a good chance to see how it is benefiting more and more from that comeback with the emergence of social software. But that would be another story for other weblog posts. For the time being, hope you get to enjoy those already popular weblog posts and I shall be back for some more in upcoming weeks.

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