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Five Things Meme – On Stuff Hopefully You Didn’t Know about Me

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Yes, I know. It had to happen at some point. Sooner or later I would have to give in and join the party. I am just amazed though that it has taken only nine days for someone to tag me (And twice!). It all got started with Jeff Pulver‘s weblog entry Blog-Tag: A Game for a Virtual Cocktail Party and from there onwards it has been a non-stop roller coaster of hundreds and hundreds of weblog entries where people have been sharing five things about themselves that others would not know about them because someone decided to tag them.

I know that there would be some folks out there who would feel that it is probably a silly game for webloggers out there. Well, if you ask me I think it is a terrific exercise not only to get to know some more some of the regular webloggers you follow but at the same time you are also given the chance to know five other webloggers that you may not know about. Yes, as simple and easy as that! Over the last few days I have been reading how a number of different folks within the area of Knowledge Management have been tagged this way and it has allowed me to build up an ever growing list of weblogs that I now follow daily. So, yes, any time soon expect an update to the blogroll because I am putting them all nicely for you to digest further.

Anyway, let’s get going. As I mentioned above, I have been tagged by two different people, James  (One of my fellow IBM colleagues) and Anol, over at SoulSoup (One of the KM weblogs that I follow on a very regular basis for some great insights on what is happening in Knowledge Management on the other side of the world!). So here it goes. The five things that you may not know about me, unless you are a close relative or someone I may know for many many years:

1. Before I started working in the IT industry, you would be surprised to know that I worked for a number of years as a cook in a number of different restaurants all over Europe going from Spanish (Of course!) to French, Argentinian, Chinese and German cuisines. Yes, a bit of everything. But over time I have grown to be very fond of DIM SUM. So if you ever want to entice me with anything just take me to your favourite DIM SUM restaurant and I will be sold on it! Yes, you can see that cooking (And eating!) is one of my other passions!

2. You may already know about one other of my passions, specially if you have read this weblog post, but what you may not know is that for a number of years, specially while I was at University, I actually played basketball for a local team (At a province level) and enjoyed every minute of it. So much so that I still miss it a lot, hanging out with the guys, playing some ball, enjoying the atmosphere around it. Yes, guessed it right. I am no longer playing but I guess I would love to go back at some point. Perhaps this weblog post will trigger that… Hummm, you never know.

3. Talking about University, most people think that I have been all of my life around the IT industry world, even to the point that I actually studied for it. Well, that is not the case, actually. I have been in the IT industry for nearly 10 years now, but originally I graduated as an English Teacher (Both English language and Literature) at the University of Salamanca in 1995. Yes, they say that those were the best years of one’s life and I can certainly agree with that. Specially, to me the last two where I got to meet some incredible people and teachers with whom despite the years I still keep in touch with!

So that would probably help answer my teaching and learning background, don’t you think?

4. Here is another thing. My favourite Top 6 movies of all time are actually also amongst my Top 6 most favourite soundtracks ! Now, what are the chances of that, eh?

5. And, finally, a funny one that not many people know about: once, many many years ago, when I was still at University, I actually worked, I initially thought, as a bellboy in a two star hotel in Central London, to then find out after a couple of weeks that it was much more than just a hotel. Ha! Who would have expected that, right?

So, that was it! Five things that you probably didn’t know about me before I started this weblog post. Gosh, the kinds of things I get to weblog while I am on holidays, heh.

Anyway, who should I tag now? Yes, the game is that I have to find five other people to tag them and get the ball rolling once again. Hummm, who should they be? Let’s see:

1. Denham Grey: Because there is just so much more we could learn from him that he hasn’t shared with us just yet 😉

2. John Tropea, that incredibly amazing librarian that can certainly keep you busy reading for months and months and months. No end.

3. Bill Ives: Because I want to know a bit more from him apart from his always insightful KM thoughts and his great recommendations of restaurants and places to visit that he has been thus far!

4. Dave Snowden or Larry Prusak: Either one of them. Why not? After all, they were the two main guilty parties as to why I got involved with Knowledge Management in the first place a few years back!

5. Shawn Callahan: One of the folks behind Anecdote because I am sure he has got lots of great stories to share (Pun intended) and he hasn’t been tagged just yet.

And that was it, folks! I have got many more people that I really wanted to tag and I guess that perhaps at a later time I may be able to squeeze you in, but since I had to get started with a list of them, here you have it. Time for them now to keep the ball rolling…

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  1. Thank you so much, this was very interesting. I was actually born in Spain ( not telling you what year though!) but moved around europe and lastly settled in the UK when I was 6. I dont remember an awful lot of the few years I was in spain, but the smell of spanish food always seems to get me going or something. It’s weird how I dont remember anything except the smells,isn’t it! I even found a website dedicated to spanish recipes, which gave me great delight and thought I ought to share with your readers. Anyway, thank you again. I’ll get my son to add your cast to my rss thing…

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