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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 46

Here we go, once again, with some of the highlights from the most popular weblog posts of the week from my other Internet weblog, elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog, but this time around for week 46. As I have been doing thus far, I am actually going to share the top most read weblog posts of the week along with the RSS feed text I shared for each of the weblog posts for those ones which I haven’t talked about in the past so that you can get a glimpse of that particular weblog post and a hint as to why it may have been a popular one. Then if it is a repeat popular entry I would add some further insights on the weblog post itself.

Thus with all that said, here is the top 5 most popular weblog posts from week 46 from my other Internet weblog: elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. Feel free to chime in the conversations rather over there or over here by appending a comment or offline, too.

1. Skype 3.0 – Entering the Realm of Online Collaboration with a Splash!: It looks like Skype has just released a new beta, Skype 3.0, which brings forward a whole bunch of new features. So here is a quick overview of how thanks to those same new features Skype is just about to finally distance itself from other IM and VoIP by putting together an impressive list of real-time online collaborative features set that everyone would be able to use. Prepare for businesses to start paying more and more attention to Skype. The fun has just got started !

2. Vyew 2.0 – Free Web Collaboration: For the second week running this particular weblog post seems to have become rather popular still. And somehow I must confess that I am not really surprised about it, because having used this e-meeting tool a few times already I can only say that it is a really worth while choice if you would want to have a new and refreshing experience about meeting online with your colleagues or friends to share stuff. It just makes the experience a delight. Highly recommended!

3. Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense – Is That Really So?!?: As if we didn’t have enough with Web 2.0 and all the hype going on around the subject of social software, here is an article from the NYT introducing the concept of Web 3.0. This is a weblog post in which I share why I am not really looking forward to such Web 3.

4. IBM’s Knowledge Management Strategy: This is actually one weblog post I created a few months back and which details IBM‘s strategy with regards to Knowledge Management and where I touched base on four of the different key components that are part of that particular strategy: Asset Management, Expertise Location, Collaboration and On-demand Learning. Worth while a read for all those who would want to have a look into how IBM is trying to put together both the traditional KM and the next wave of KM pumped up with all this social computing movement going on at the moment.

5. How Is Your Email Etiquette?: For the fourth week running (I am not sure if I would be able to keep up with it, if it continues like this), this particular weblog post makes it into the Top 5 most popular weblog posts from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. Quite intriguing to still see how it keeps coming up over and over again as a topic very much related to collaboration. I guess things haven’t changed that much after all and we are still prone to collaborate through e-mail. Sigh.

And that was it, folks. Next week I shall be back with some more, for sure, including something else that I have been able to get just recently from the ITtoolbox folks, and that is the fact that not long ago I have started receiving statistics on the top 10 most popular weblog posts per months from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog, so during the course of next week I shall be providing you, once a month, some of that data as well so that you can check for some interesting readings and their commentary and starting this time around with October. Thus stay tuned !

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