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Palmitos Park – An Afternoon with Nature at its Best

Over the last couple of days I have been on holidays and still have got some more to go. All along it has been a great opportunity for me to unwind off from everything, disconnect, re-charge my batteries and get ready for when I come back. However, it has also provided me with the unique opportunity of visiting a stunning place that I can certainly recommend to everyone if they would ever get to Gran Canaria: Palmitos Park. It is supposed to be "the best zoological and botanical part in the Canary Islands" and it surely keeps its name by providing an incredible experience.

I have been living here in Gran Canaria for nearly three years and until this week I never managed to find a good opportunity to be able to make it. Till the day before yesterday. And goodness ! Did I have a great time or what ? It is certainly a fascinating place for everyone, both kids and adults and it would certainly keep you entertained for a good couple of hours. Every so often they have got different shows at display, like an exotic birds show, or the well known Parrot Show, an Encounter with reptiles, a bird of prey show and so much more. Yes, indeed, totally worth it! And money very well spent, indeed!

So, as I said, I got to go there with a couple of good friends and we surely enjoy the afternoon. We were there for nearly three hours and I am sure we could have stayed longer. We took a whole bunch of different pictures from different animals and the flora around the place and you would be able to find them over at my Flickr account. Throughout this weblog post I have already placed some of the ones I have enjoyed the most, but I can certainly suggest you go and check out all the others to see some wonderful pictures of nature at its best !

Only thing that was truly disappointing was my digital camera, which for the first time in about 18 months decided to play funny and didn’t allow me to take as many pictures as I would have wished. In fact, I took plenty of them more, but apparently my digital camera had other plans and decided to just take half of what I took. Frustrating, because some of the best snap shots I took were from the bunch of pictures that didn’t come out ! Yes, only one word I can think of: disappointing and frustrating. Whooops, yes, that is two words ! 😛

Well, I guess I have got to look at it from the positive side. I will be back again to Palmitos Park. And soon ! As soon as within this same year ! So stay tuned because I hope that second time, where I wish, too, there would be some more stunning weather coming along, I would be bringing rather a fix digital camera or a new one 🙂 We shall see. For the time being, enjoying some of the pictures I could take and which came out and have just as much fun with them as I did !

Time now to enjoy my holiday weekend !

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