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Directory of RSI Software

Every now and then I always keep trying to collect a number of different online resources and helpful tips on something so important for all of us, sitting in front of our computers, as helping prevent RSI, that is, Repetitive Strain Injury. Far too many times I have been exposed to a number of different colleagues and friends who have been suffering from such disorder to different degree that over time I have grown to become more and more conscious about trying to prevent it. So that is why, whenever I bump into helpful resources on the subject, I feel like linking to them hoping that others would be able to benefit from them in order to try to avoid RSI.

And that is why I wanted to create this weblog post today and point you to a recent entry that Jeremy Wagstaff, over at The Loose Wire Blog, created under the title Director of RSI Software. In there you would be able to find a whole lot of different resources and RSI related software that would certainly help you get some more awareness of what you could do to prevent such disorder. Here is a quick rundown on how that software tries to help:

1. "Working out how long you’ve been at the keyboard and reminds you to take breaks;
2. Suggesting exercises for you to perform while you’re taking those breaks;
3. Records macros (shortcuts) to specific tasks you do a lot so you don’t have to use the keyboard as much (especially keystroke combinations);
4. Reduces mouse usage by allowing you to control the mouse from the keyboard (including dragging)
5. Reducing mouse clicks by automating the process (move the cursor over something you want to click on and hold it there, and the software figures out you want to click and does it for you)"

As I said, going through the entire article will help you check out on some of the different options available out there and how you can get the most out of each of them. Oh, and if you are wondering about what my favourite piece of RSI software is I would have to agree with Jeremy as well: Workrave. A very ease to install – use that gives you multiple options to self-regulate your own pauses according to your own needs and quite unobtrusive when it is not needed. And when it is needed with the different breaks, the best there is. It will block your keyboard and will gently advise you to go away from the computer and do something else, like stretching or whatever else.

And best part of it is that it is freeware, so you wouldn’t have to pay any money in order to keep you healthy while staying in front of your computer for all those hours. I tell you, if you haven’t tried out Workrave just yet and if you are starting to feel that little tingling then I strongly advise you download it today and get to use it right away. And in the mean time you can also go and check out the different¬† options suggested by Jeremy, which I am sure would be able to provide some really good tips, too¬†

(Kudos to Jeremy for sharing this helpful weblog post with us all and for digging out all these interesting and worth while exploring tools to help us keep sharp at what we do. Thanks, Jeremy!)

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