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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 44

As you may have noticed, yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post anything here, in elsua, as things were a bit hectic everywhere and some of that stuff needed my immediate attention. But now that is over here I am, once again, sharing with you that weekly weblog post where I try to put together some of the most popular discussions that have been taking place over at my other Internet weblog: elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. It looks like last week’s discussions were more popular and significant around the subject of social software and how it is actually impacting the enterprise in its adoption. So you would be able to find out some interesting new facts about how Web 2.0 is entering the corporate world along with some other productivity tools that I have become very fond of and which I am hoping you would be able to check out for yourself further a bit, if you are also looking for some advice in that area.

So with all that said, here you have got the Top 5 most popular weblog post from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog over the course of last week. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I did putting them together:

1. Importance of Empowering Your People through Trust and Social Software: While I was browsing through my daily ITtoolbox RSS feeds I have actually bumped into a fantastic weblog post put together by Larry Cone that touches base on how you, as a manager, can get the most out of your knowledge workers by simply empowering them to do what they need to do with just some little help: your trust. Check out Importance of Empowering Your People where you would be able to read some interesting insights as to what top management should be and how it should distance itself more and more from that traditional mentality of command-and-control that was not going anywhere. At least, not where the business and the knowledge workers would be getting the most benefits from.

2. Newzie – Finding Your Near-Perfect RSS Feed Client In the following weblog post I have tried to detail what are two of the most powerful RSS feed reader clients I have been exposed in the last few months as a way to actually introduce the latest release made a few days ago about one of them, which has now become one of my two favourites and for a number of reasons. That RSS feed client is Newzie and here is a small review of why you may want to look into it yourself. Yes, not to worry, it is also freeware.

3. How Is Your Email Etiquette?: It looks like this particular weblog post seems to have been rather popular as well last week, just as much as the previous week. Somehow it looks like e-mail still pulls its act together as the most preferred collaboration tool (If you can say that) and knowledge workers definitely want to know how to get the most out of it !

4. KMWorld and Intranets 2006: October 31st – November 2nd – California: Got anything to do from October 31st to November the 2nd? Are you going to miss out on the Knowledge Management event of events? Want to have a sneak preview of what such an incredible event is going to be like? Then look no further. This weblog post will provide you with some details around the "KMWorld and Intranets 2006" event, taking place this year in San Jose, California. The KM event of events! Find out why…

5. Web 2.0 for the Rest of Us – Another Directory of Wonderful Things: Here is another weblog post where I get to comment on another Web 2.0 directory of useful social software applications that folks can go and check out. In the past I have talked several times about different options available out there and this one, GO2WEB20, is just another one worth while having a look and investigating further. Why not? After all don’t we all making lists of everything ?

Well, that was it again, folks. As you may have noticed once of the things that I have been doing with this type of weblog posts is to basically grab the syndicated summary of the weblog posts and added them as a short description of what the weblog entries are all about and those where the article may be about a subject we may have seen in previous weeks I would just a short commentary about it indicating my thoughts on the actual post a week later. Hopefully, you would be able to find those entries just as interesting as I have. And if you would want to dive into the conversations feel free to do so over here or rather over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. Both ways would work for me. Till next week! And time now for the next weblog post…

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