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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 43

Here we go again. Another week gone by and ready to share with you folks some of the most popular conversations that I have been having over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog in the course of last week. As you would be able to see from the links and descriptions below there seems to be still an additional interest in collaboration and new emerging technologies to help out on that same aspects of knowledge sharing and working with others. So without any further delay, here you have got the links to the Top 5 most popular weblog posts from last week in elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog:

1. How Is Your Email Etiquette?: Here are some thoughts on a recent weblog article I bumped into around the subject of e-mail etiquette and how some of the different questions shared in that resource actually reflect some of my own experience with e-mail etiquette. Yes, it is a tough world out there, but there are always good things / tips you can follow and here are my two cents worth of comments on the subject

2.  Why People Don’t Collaborate: Here is a weblog post that tries to elaborate some more on the thought as to why knowledge workers may not be collaborating as much and as often as you would have expected within the enterprise. There are certainly a number of different issues put together by S. Ann Earon, from Collaboration Loop, and this is my take on what could be done to fix them. At least, what would be one good approach to try and see how it would develop further

3. 5 Reasons Why RSS Feeds Are not Popular – Avoiding Comparing Pears with Apples: It looks like this particular weblog post still keeps coming up for the second week running and to me it is just a clear indication that shows how much people are interested in the subject of web syndication and why, despite the initial hurdles, RSS feeds are, indeed, here to stay, no matter what other folks would think / say. Good stuff!

4. Introducing Collaboration Technologies to the Enterprise Is a Challenge and How a Critical Mass of Early Adopters Can Help: This is a weblog post where I shared some of my experiences on the adoption of social software within the enterprise and how there are a number of different techniques to make it easier on everyone to start making use of those different tools. And a good step towards getting things going is through the usage of a critical mass of early adopters, amongst tips.

5. Networking Is a Process … Take Your Time: Whoever thought that social networking was all about instant gratification and immediate "rewards" should probably have a look and read further from this weblog post that references another one with the title "Networking is a process … take your time" by Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff. It certainly takes a whole lot more effort, involvement and commitment to be able to engage successfully with social networks. And here is why…

And that was it, folks, for this week. Next week I shall bring over here some further thoughts that I have been putting together over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog in different weblog posts and that the audience over there, which I happen to know is substantially different to the group of folks who get to read from elsua.net, have been finding them an interesting and engaging read. Hope you enjoy them, too.

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