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Engineering Systems Solutions to Real World Challenges – Building an Innovation Company for the 21st Century

As you well know, there are a number of different IBM weblogs that I follow on a regular basis, as I have mentioned in the recent weblog post I created around IBM’s Weblog Directory, and while I am still currently updating the actual blogroll from this weblog, I thought I would point out to you one recent article that was put together by Irwin Wladawsky-Berger, Vice President of Technical Strategy and Innovation at IBM, and which I am sure you are going to find quite an interesting read: Skills for the 21st Century – Engineering Systems Solutions to Real World Challenges.

This is a weblog post that you are going to enjoy if you would want to know what IBM is currently doing with regards to driving innovation inside and outside of the corporation in order to help knowledge workers collaborate and share knowledge with others in a world that is now more distributed than ever before, with nearly 40% of IBM’s population working mobile. You would actually get to read some interesting insights from Irwin about a number of different ideas that IBM has been working on in order to help boost that innovation. So instead of getting to read about some of the traditional stuff IBM has been doing with regards to some of its products you would be able to read some more about some other refreshing initiatives that are going on at the moment.

For instance, you would get to hear about the On Demand WorkPlace offering, which is basically IBM’s Intranet with some incredible capabilities to find both information and knowledge, and the experts behind them, or ThinkPlace (The online space IBM is using to bring forward ideas and innovation in a collaborative environment for every single employee), or Blog Central (IBM’s internal platform for weblogs) etc. etc. Excellent stuff !

What Irwin is actually doing in Skills for the 21st Century – Engineering Systems Solutions to Real World Challenges is introducing the recent presentation that Linda Sanford (IBM Senior Vice President, Enterprise On Demand Transformation & Information Technology) provided over at the IBM-MIT/ESD Innovation Lecture Series – Engineering Systems Solutions to Real World Challenges in MIT, Cambridge, MA., titled Building an Innovation Company for the 21st Century and which basically talks a great deal on what Innovation is all about and actually what Innovation means to IBM.

As I said, the interesting part about this particular presentation and Irwin’s weblog post is to actually get to check how through the implementation of IBM’s Technology Adoption Program knowledge workers inside of the company have got the opportunity to test out some of the most relevant social software tools out there for people to help them in their collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing in general so that in its due time we may be able to move some of those different offerings into actual IBM products. You can actually get to watch the webcast of the session by going into the following URL: IBM MIT Innovation Lecture Series. And you can download the PDF slide deck over here, too.

And if you didn’t have enough with that to make you go there and check it out then let me point you to the webcast itself and around the 62nd minute (It lasts for about 90 minutes) you would get to watch a videocast I did myself not long ago as to what Innovation @ IBM is all about. It just lasts for a couple of minutes, but with that and Elias Torres‘ introduction before and after the videocast it would make for an interesting listen if you would want to watch my two cents worth of contribution to the overall presentation. Plus you would get a chance to see what I actually look like, just in case you may bump into me at some point and may want to say "Hi!"

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