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That’s What We All Need: A Hug

Here is some Friday fun for you, but with a message. Too good to miss out on it, actually. Something that you know that if done more often it would change things big time for everyone out there! Yes, I know, a strong message, actually, and one that would make you think twice next time you go out in the streets. At least, it did for me and perhaps the perfect way to get the weekend started …

Courtesy from Robin Good (Worth while reading his weblog post, too!)

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  1. Hi César ! Thanks a lot for the trackback and for dropping by ! Actually, I cannot blame you for linking to such great video and initiative and I cannot blame you either for it bringing a tear or two into your eyes. I had a similar experience, specially when you get through to the first “free hug” with the old lady. That is just *so* incredibly powerful ! And the combination with the lyrics just made the trick ! One of my favourite video clips, indeed !

    Thanks again for dropping by and keep weblogging !

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