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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 42

Just like I have mentioned last week for the first time, here I am once again sharing a brief weblog post highlighting some of the most popular posts I have created over at my other Internet weblog elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog last week. Pretty much like last time, you would be able to find a direct link to that particular weblog entry and a short description of what the article would be about, which is actually taken from the RSS feed itself or my two cents worth of comments if the feed is not readily available. It seems that a few people have been enjoying that exposure to some of the other ideas I have been pondering about over at my ITtoolbox space so here are the top five most popular weblog posts from last week. Hope you enjoy some further reading:

1. 5 Reasons Why RSS Feeds Are not Popular – Avoiding Comparing Pears with Apples: Here is a weblog post where I am sharing my two cents worth of comments on a recent article at Hiveminds that clearly indicates why RSS feeds are not very popular. And my reaction to that is, are they really ? Well, we may need to stop comparing pears with apples, if you ask me…
2. Ed Yourdon – Web 2.0 Mind-Map Updated !: Here is a weblog post that talks about the latest updates that have gone through into the superb piece of work that Ed Yourdon has done in the web 2.0 mind-map: a must-read PDF file that clearly shows what Web 2.0 is all about and, much more importantly, what is actually implication for the business world and how it is changing it for good. Highly recommended download, to say the least.
Coincidentally, and in between that weblog post and today, Ed has just been updating the Web 2.0 mind-map and it is now going up to version 025. Excellent stuff !
3. 5 Key Steps towards Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise: It looks like this particular weblog post keeps coming up as a popular one and I guess it is all due to the fact that perhaps people out there would want to find out some more about how IBM is making use of social software within the enterprise to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.
4. Delivering Real Knowledge Management Value – Where Learning and Knowledge Get Together: Here is a weblog post that shows how Knowledge Management has always been having a very close relationship with Learning and how through Lessons Learned both disciplines may be closer to one another than whatever anticipated. And if you think Lessons Learned are not valuable resources for helping boost knowledge sharing and collaboration read on …
5. The Web 2.0 Toolbar – The Best of Web 2.0 Right in Your Browser: This is also another popular weblog post from last week. It seems like people interested in the subject of Web 2.0 are finding their way into it, although I just wished that it would be able to work with Flock, just as good as it is working with FireFox. It seems like the social bookmarking feature is broken. We shall see what happens but I certainly looking forward to the day where it would be compatible with my favourite web browser!

And that was it, folks, for this week. Next week, I will be back with some more of this week’s popular posts from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on either of them rather over here or at the original weblog posts.

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