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Blogs Go to Work – IBM’s Blogroll Now Available!

I know that a few people from both of my Internet weblogs have been asking about this for quite some time and so far I have been given out bits and pieces of information hoping that one of these days I would be able to show you a much more complete picture. Well, one of these days is actually today and coming through to you straight from ibm.com. Andy Piper, one of my fellow IBM colleagues and a prolific weblogger, has already been talking about this.Yes, indeed, from now onwards you would just need to head over to IBM‘s main homepage to be able to find an IBM’s blogroll with a whole bunch of links, and RSS feeds, to a good number of IBMers weblogging away out there in the wild blogosphere. Yes, that is right, this is just that weblog post to help answer the question that I keep getting every now and then: "Where can I find some more IBM blogs?" Well, now directly from IBM.

I am sure that you are aware of IBM’s developerWorks blogroll by now, specially if you would be interested in really technical topics. However, what has just been made available today tries to go further and beyond and show you different IBMers who are weblogging both at developerWorks and wherever else in the blogosphere out there. But before you get down to check through the blogroll let me take this opportunity as well to point you to some interesting reading that details how IBM came into endorsing weblogging, both internally and externally. Head over to Blogs go to work and read there all of the details on how we got started in the first place (I got my first weblog in IBM’s intranet in December 2003 and still running strong), including how we got to build the weblogging guidelines that we all try to follow more or less graciously, and a number of short interviews with some of IBM’s bloggers out there already who have shared their views on what weblogging has meant for them and their work, trying to answer the following questions:

"1. Three good reasons to blog about your work/job/career
2. The worst reason to blog about your work/job/career
3. Three business buzzwords you could gladly live without
4. Best non-IBMer blog you follow regularly
5. What has been an unexpected benefit or experience you’ve had thanks to your blog?"

As you would be able to see from that list of interviews, I am listed there, too, along with one of my Internet weblogs: elsua.net. Thus if you would want to find out why I first got into weblogging in the first place and what I am getting out of it you might as well head over there and read further, because I am sure you would find a surprising fact or two !

And once you are done with reading through all those insightful interviews, then you are ready to head over to IBM’s blogroll and start searching through those weblogs / webloggers and see if there would be any of them that would be of interest to you. I am sure there would be.

Now I only need to keep on pushing some of my fellow IBM KMers to get going with their own weblogs outside of IBM because if you head over there you would be able to see how I am one of the very few, if not the only one, who just weblogs about Knowledge Management when we all know how there are hundreds, if not thousands, of KM practitioners out there working in the field of KM. So I need to keep pushing and get some more voices out there and get them to dive into the conversations. It is just way too much fun for one person along, don’t you think? So where should I start? Hummm… Let’s see … who can I bug first?

(To be continued…)

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  1. Hi Keith ! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments. Welcome to elsua! Appreciated the fact that you have taken a few minutes to clarify this and share with us what the deal is. I bet though that most folks by now would have probably found that out based on how many other IBM US bloggers have been talking about it already, but still a big heads up for letting us know and for ensuring that people know where to go to find that blogroll.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. You are welcome. Just to further clarify – the directory of bloggers is a WORLDWIDE list, so IBMers from outside the USA should add themselves. A few non-US bloggers are listed, such as Eightbar in the UK, but I am sure there are more.

    So even though the directory is hard to find from non-US parts of ibm.com (at this time), this is just the first step. It is a worldwide directory.

  3. Great stuff, Keith! Thanks much for clarifying things further ! Good stuff. I am wondering though if at some point in time there would be mirrored sites available for the different countries so that even though the main resource would be coming from the US other countries would still be able to link to them from their sites. Just a thought.

    Yes, regarding the directory, it is certainly an international one because both of my Internet weblogs are listed there along with a couple of other folks I know from other countries. Just to confirm that as well.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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