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Narrative Techniques for Leaders – November 28th 2006 – London

Oh dear, I seriously need to do something about this for 2007, because there is no way I am going to be missing out on some more of the most interesting events taking place out there around the subject of Knowledge Management. Take, for instance, the latest example I have been exposed to, and this time around coming from Ark-Group: Narrative Techniques for Leaders. Don’t tell me that it is not one of those events that you would be looking forward to. Having both Dave Snowden and Steve Denning in the same room talking and discussing about one of their favourite subjects, Narrative Techniques, is not something that you should be missing out just like that.

Well, it looks like I will be, because a couple of days ago I got the details with the formal invite to sign up and attend the event and after doing a couple of checks I am afraid this time around it will be a no-go. Pity. Pity because it looks like the masterclass event would be rather interesting. It would last for about one day and supposingly it would cover the following topics:

a. Perform the main components of transformational leadership
b. Communicate complex ideas so as to be easily understood
c. Spark action even from skeptical audiences
d. Build trust by communicating who you are
e. Enhance your brand authentically from within the organisation
f. Understand how to gather meaning from your organisation or market’s “water cooler” stories
g. Understand new ways to represent organisational culture
f. The role of narrative in understanding and achieving organisational change

At the same time here are some more details to complement that initial description from the masterclass that will show "how stories can help everyone":

a. Understand values and how to transmit them authentically
b. Create high performance teams and communities of practice
c. Understand cultural patterns and sensitivities
d. Enable distributed decision making
e. Understand and enable the flow of knowledge
f. Tame the grapevine and neutralise rumours
g. Lead people into the future
h. Handle the challenges of disruptive innovation
i. Generate energy, enthusiasm and pride in the organisation

Not too bad, eh? Yes, indeed, this would be one of those events that I will surely be missing out on and that is actually the purpose of this weblog post: to see if anyone from the folks who regularly read my weblog out there would be able to make it to the event and comment how it went. I would certainly be very glad to hear how it went and what people got out of it, having such KM Thinkers / Leaders side by side talking about those narrative technique for leaders.

You can find more details about the masterclass at the following URL: Narrative Techniques for Leaders, in case you would want to read some more and specially if you would be interested in making it to the event. And, like I said, if you decide to go, by all means, feel free to drop by over here afterwards, or weblog about it over at your own weblog, and share with us some of the details of the event. I am sure there would be plenty of folks interested and I would surely be one of them.

Then, for next year, I would probably learn a bit here and there and be able to manage and attend some of these masterclasses and whatever other conference events, but that would be the topic for another weblog post. For the time being, just to mention that if on the 28th of November you are around the area of London and if you would be interested in the work of narrative techniques, then this is an event you just cannot miss. So I hope some of you may get to attend and then let us know about it. We shall see. Fingers crossed…

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