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elsua’s First Anniversary

Yes, folks, believe it or not, it is that time of the year. October 10th 2005 I decided that it was about  time for me to get started with my own Internet weblog having it hosted on its own and without having to depend on other popular services. What it all started with an Intranet weblog in December 2003, then into a personal weblog over at Blogsome, it then evolved into having my own weblog and one year later here I am celebrating the first anniversary of elsua! It has been an incredible experience thus far, I tell you. With 416 weblog posts and 697 weblog comments put together in 23 categories; 236 subscribers and coming closer to the 25.000 page hits and the stunning number of nearly 25.000 spam messages that Akismet has religiously been deleting all along. Yes, I know, very very far away from becoming an A-List blogger, but I guess if you have been reading long enough over here that is actually something that I am not too worried about. Not back when I started, not now, a year afterwards.

There have been plenty of fascinating highlights and different changes that I am sure most of you have read already, including elsua’s New Look, which is going to stay here for some time now, so I am not going to bore you all with them. You could have a quick look into some of the most popular weblog posts on the right column of the weblog template to see what topics people have been reading all along but just in case it may not be clear enough, I still have the same passion and motivation to continue talking about topics related to Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Knowledge and Collaboration tools, Communities, Social Networking and Social Software, amongst others. Thus expect to see some more weblog posts on this very same subject as we move forward into the second year. Indeed, onwards with many more years of weblogging!

There have been plenty of stories that I could talk about regarding my weblogging experiences over here, like my recent trip to Cincinnati, or the incredible amount of different conversations that I have been able to host with different folks coming from all sorts of backgrounds, but if there is anything that would resume very well my overall experiences with elsua is that it has given me the incredible opportunity to meet some awesome people along the way who may get to share my same ideas or not, but who all along have been willing to get to know me a little bit better and the other way around. Through this weblog I have been able to meet up with a really wonderful group of people who feel the same passion as me for KM and for that I am very proud (Yes, you know who you are). That is just priceless. I bet that without this particular weblog things with me, both on a personal and business level would have been very different. Perhaps I wouldn’t even be here where I am today, who knows, the thing is that this weblog has had such a significant impact in my life that I am planning to keep it going for some more time. After all it has got a life of its own, so I might as well continue to feed it and nurture it. It has done for me what most other tools haven’t been able to. That is, connect with others who share my same passion(s). What other KM tool could afford to say that, eh?

I just hope that I am able to continue posting some more interesting insights around the world of KM and that you may find them equally engaging. So with all that said I just want to take this opportunity as well to thank you all for being there and for sticking through thick and thin with me in this lifetime experience (At least, for me). Without you all I doubt I would have ever gotten to the stage of being listed in 29.027th place over at Technorati after just one year of weblogging away and even more I doubt I would have had so many incredible conversations around some of my favourite topics. Thus thanks for that !

(Happy Anniversay elsua! May I wish you many many more years of regular weblogging!)

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  1. Hi Andy ! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments ! Yes, sir, I shall continue sharing some of that passion, more than anything else because otherwise I would not know what to do with it 😉 heh

    So from here to many more years to come !

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