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What’s the Most Significant Change Across the Blogosphere?

Remember when not so long ago I created a weblog post around the subject of Zahmoo, a new initiative that the folks over at Anecdote have been very busy with for some time now? Remember when I mentioned that I had signed up to participate from the initiative and see how things would be getting along? Well, it looks like there are some news ahead of us. It seems that things are starting to roll now. Check out the recent weblog post that Andrew Rixon shared a couple of days ago over at What’s the Most Significant Change Across the Blogosphere? Over there you would be able to see how Andrew is requesting from other webloggers some input to explore the Most Significant Change across the blogosphere. Here is a little excerpt from the invitation they have just sent out through that post:

"[…] we’d like to invite you to join in Zahmoo’s exploration of the Most Significant Change across the blogosphere and share your story around what has been the most significant change since you’ve been blogging. This is the first phase of our exploration. We will be providing information regarding the next steps in due course."

And from there onwards he just gets things rolling by asking webloggers to answer the following two questions:

"a. Describe a story that epitomises the most significant change that has resulted from your blogging .
b. Why was this story significant for you?

Of course, as you may have figured out already, I just couldn’t help but sharing that story over there as a comment. I have now been weblogging for almost three years and I guess I would have plenty of stories all around. Perhaps I will detail some of them at some point in time, however, there is one in particular that has had a significant impact on me and it happened just recently, so I thought I would go ahead, and apart from sharing it over there, to also share it over here so that folks would have an opportunity to find out why I am such a big evangelist from weblogging and the impact it can have in multiple scenarios, both on a business and personal basis. So here it goes, just as it was posted over at What’s the Most Significant Change Across the Blogosphere?:

"Having blogged for nearly three years now I have probably got plenty of stories I could share about what blogging has meant for me, but perhaps one of them that has had a significant impact lately on me was my recent trip to the US where through a weblog post in my weblog I mentioned that I would be heading over there and got a response from Denham Grey wanting to meet up over there (Along with Patrick Hindert). That simple action of me creating that weblog post allowed me to have an incredible experience while I was in Cincinnati and allowed me to meet up face-to-face one of the folks who is guilty of making me enter the KM world a long while ago. And here I am now, thinking that without that particular weblog post I wouldn’t have been able to meet up one of the main KM thinkers of today and had a wonderful experience overall, which you can read more about over here. That story alone is fully worth it the three years of blogging I have been doing, but as I said, there is plenty more …

Why was it significant to me? Well, mainly because when we met up face-to-face we both had the impression that we knew each other from a number of years and it felt just like having a chat the night before while enjoying a couple of drinks. That, to me, is the real power from blogging: the capability of connecting with others who you may never meet up in person but that when you do it kind of feels like a good old friend coming to town once again."

Thus now on to you, what’s your Most Significant Change from your own weblogging experience? Just head over to the Zahmoo weblog post and share your story over there ! I am sure we would all find it quite an interesting and enlightening experience. What are you waiting for? Get over there right away and share your story now!

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  1. Hi Sacha ! Welcome to elsua! And thanks for the feedback ! Yes, indeed, I can relate to that. I didn’t get to attend that event as I had a conflict with another but I surely would have enjoyed being there, specially to finally meet face-to-face with you. You are high on my list of IBM colleagues around the world who I know I would enjoy having a couple of drinks and enjoy some fine conversation(s) on different topics ! Thus I am sure our chance will be coming to light soon ! Fingers crossed ! Thanks for dropping by !

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