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Knowledge Management Month 2006 – Where Will You Be?

What are your plans for October 2006? What are you going to be doing the whole month? Got better plans than engaging actively in some of the different activities from the Knowledge Management Month for 2006? Of course, not! Thus read on ! Over at Dr. Dan’s Daily Dose weblog Dan has just announced a few hours ago the Knowledge Management Month 2006 where during the course of October this year all KMPro members, and much more importantly, everyone working and advocating around the world of Knowledge Management, is more than encouraged to participate in different activities related to KM that would help spark some further interactions amongst knowledge workers and KM advocates in order to keep spreading the word and the message(s) about what KM can do for any single business out there.

You would be able to read some more on the actual information details over at Knowledge Management Month but here is a quick excerpt of what this event would try to eventually do over the course of 31 days coming up very soon:

"KMPro has designated October as international “Knowledge Management Month” — a month for KMPro members and all other KM’ers worldwide to participate in activities intended to increase awareness and focus upon knowledge management. Recognizing that Peter Drucker had identified improving the effectiveness of knowledge workers as the “most important management challenge of the 21st century” knowledge management has become critical to organizations world-wide. Yet despite that fact, it seems that many organizations remain unclear of the value of KM or how to implement it. Which is why KMPro has decided to “champion” this event.

KMPro encourages ALL KM’ers and all other KM societies and associations to join in this month — to promote all that is KM. Additional information on plans and activities will be available on the KMPro web site as well as on the KM Month event site itself (available October 1st). If you would like to volunteer to sponsor, host or coordinate any activities (including online events) or contribute in any way (suggest an idea!), please contact Dr. Dan Kirsch (email or call +01-757-460-6500)."

Thus you would be able to read how there are some exciting things about to start happening around the world of Knowledge Management all over the world and for the first time we would all have the chance to chime in different ways to help make it work. As you can read from the different announcements and Dan’s weblog post if you would have any ideas or would want to sponsor, host or coordinate an event you would need to contact Dan himself.

I talked to Dan already about this and although I still need to figure out in what shape or form I will be participating there is one thing for sure and that is the fact that I will certainly be quite excited about chiming in and participating further, whether it may be through an online or a face-to-face event. Either way, I am game. How about you ? Will you be ready to participate in the KM Month 2006? Fancy getting together to put something through, whatever that may be? If so, do not hesitate to let me know and we may be able to submit something to Dan that would be put forward as part of whatever other event activities. The more, the better.

Think you still have got something better to do in October ? Think again ! Get ready, get involved, act on it and become part of the KM Month 2006 ! I hope I will be able to see you there, or, why not, get together to put an event out there! Ready for the challenge? Let me know if you would be interested … Let’s get it on !

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