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Job Counseling on Knowledge Management

I know that I do not get to share many of these over here and I also realise that it is not Friday yet, although, after having done such a massive catchup from everything else while I was away, I wish it were, but I just couldn’t help sharing this gem that a good old friend of mine, who I have finally found again after moving on (him) from IBM, shared it in an MSN group where we are both members.

Hands up anyone who thought that this is just too good to miss out:

Brilliant ! (Thanks, Tom S.!)

Oh, not to worry, if you are now looking for something really worth while reading, and diving into, check out the weblog post I created earlier on today about an online demo I attended yesterday on a superb online real-time collaboration emeeting tool called Vyew that I have now grown to be very very fond of. Here is the review I wrote on five reasons why you would want to make use of it. Highly recommended.

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