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Not Now, Not Ever

I certainly had lots of things to comment on as part of the highlights from my current trip to the US, yet, today it still feels painful, very painful, despite those five years gone by already. At the time, I was in a conference call with some US colleagues talking about KM stuff when the first plane hit the WTC. We didn’t get to finish the call. In fact, we didn’t talk much afterwards. The rest of the day, pretty much like till today, was just that: painful. And I bet that it will continue to be like that for many more years to come. Yes, time heals open wounds they say, but I doubt I would ever want to close that one, for that matter. Not now, not ever.

In memory of those who died on September 11th 2001 and of all those who have died or suffered in its aftermath, never forget!

Not now, not ever.

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