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ÑBA – 24 Years Later…

I know that this weblog post hasn’t got anything to do with Knowledge Management, Communities, Collaboration or Social Networking for that matter but I just cannot let this day passed by without mentioning it. Earlier on this morning I was preparing my way to do some blogtipping as it is the first day of the month again but I just got too excited about this:

Those who know me in person would tell you how passionate I have always been about basketball. I played it for more than half of my life in my younger years and still enjoy it very much and perhaps today more than ever before because, indeed, after having waited for 24 years, Spain has finally made it into the finals from the Basketball World Championship 2006 after an exhilarating and exhaustingly last-second win over Argentina, 75-74. WOW! Incredible ! Fascinating ! You gotta love this game ! I am still getting goose bumps from just thinking about it. So much so that I can hardly think about anything else at the moment. I mean, it has taken us 24 years of frustrations, bad luck, bad timing, bad matches, you name it, and now it was certainly our chance and we made it!!! Wooohooo!

Now on to the finals to meet up Greece after having performed some incredible team performance against the USA. It sounds like it is going to be a great final, indeed ! And I am sure the best one will win. Time to enjoy it now, so with all that excitement I think you would have to excuse me for the rest of the week since I am surely going to enjoy the moment, because you never know when we would all be in a similar situation… Hopefully, we would not have to wait for another 24 years …

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  1. After reading (or skimming) about 80 basketball blogs saying how they “expected the US to lose” or that they “are surprised to see the US lose to Greece” I’m happy to come across someone who is happy for Spain making it to the finals!

    Some much-needed optimism! Thanks Luis! And congrats to Spain!

  2. Thanks a lot, folks, for dropping by and for the feedback ! Yes, indeed, it has been an incredible experience watching Spain walk through to the finals undefeated till the end and winning the tournament. An unforgettable experience to say the least and something that I hope will repeat itself a few other times ! Over here it has all been a crazy frenzy that we have been looking forward to for quite some time. And it is finally over here. Time now to taste it …

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