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Performancing for FireFox Also Gets Another Upgrade

It looks like this is the month of the upgrades or first beta versions for offline weblogging tools because if yesterday I was talking about the recent upgrade from Qumana and the first appearance of Windows Live Writer today I am just going to mention something that perhaps is old news already, specially for the die-hards out there who have been sticking around with it all along. Yes, indeed, I am talking about the latest upgrade to the FireFox extension Performancing for FireFox and which you can find more details about it over here. One of the great things of this particular upgrade is that it adds some neat futures but at the same time it has kept one of my favourite ones; the fact that it is still compatible not only with FireFox but also with Flock, my default web browser.

Yes, indeed, Qumana may well be my preferred default offline weblogging tool but still that does not mean that I do not enjoy some of the others. In fact, I am using Performancing in Flock ever since it came out not only to post different weblog posts while I am working on several of them at the same time for the different weblogs that I maintain but also whenever I would want to post comments to other weblogs. So, for example, if I bump into an interesting weblog post that I would want to comment on I can bring it up, start typing my response on the WYSIWYG editor adding whatever other rich text features and once I am ready I can just cut and paste that information into the comment box and post away. That way there is no need for me to have a comment box with a rich text editor to be able to contribute into different weblog posts with a much richer experience. Performancing gets to do that for me and quite nicely.

Thus if you are one of those folks who gets to publish content in multiple weblogs and would want to work on different entries at the same time for an extended period of time and therefore need to have multiple offline weblogging tools or if you would want to use a rich text editor where you are in control while commenting away then I can certainly recommend you get to install Performancing for FireFox in rather FireFox or Flock and keep weblogging away. At least, that is what I have been doing myself all along with the three different weblogs that I maintain and having multiple offline weblogging tools available to you is just such a huge time saver. I doubt I would ever be able to just stick around to one single weblogging client, would you ?

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