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Online Interaction Glossary by Nancy White

It looks like over the last couple of days I have been recommending a couple of worth while resources or weblog articles worth while reading further and keeping an eye on and somehow it sounds like this is not going to end up today. I am not going to mention, nor point, nor recommend either Carla Verwijs’ weblog or Nancy White’s since by now if you are both into Knowledge Management and Online Facilitation for communities you are probably already subscribed to both of their weblogs, and if you haven’t then I will surely recommend you do so! You will be gone off to a great reading. But that is not the purpose of this particular weblog post. What is interesting and worth while mentioning is what Carla has been mentioning already over at one of her weblog posts: Dictionary of Interaction where she is actually referencing referencing another weblog post published by Nancy not long ago titled Updating My Online Interaction Glossary.

What a fantastic resource that is ! In Updating My Online Interaction Glossary Nancy has put together a must-read glossary of terms that she has been exposed over time in her daily online interactions with other folks. Indeed, a must-go-through resource specially if you are about to enter the world of online, remote collaboration and if in particular you would want to catch up with some of the hot terms as far as social software, knowledge sharing and collaboration is concerned. That is why you would be able to read in very brief notes on terms like Aggregation, Weblog, Blogroll, Communities of Practice, Feeds, Folksonomy, Knowledge Management (Where I would probably need to add, yet again, another definition to The Essence of Knowledge Management weblog post I created not long ago), Mashup, Permalink, Presence Indicators, RSS, Social Software, Tagging, Virtual Community, Web 2.0, Wiki, etc. etc.

Yes, I know that lots of you out there who have been on the Internet for quite a while and who have been having and maintaining your weblogs and whatever other online spaces ma be a bit far too simplistic list, but I must that is the beauty of the whole thing. It is its simplicity what makes that particular weblog post very handy and very helpful, and straight the point. And on top of that you would see as well how Nancy not only gives a very short descriptive definition of the word but she also includes a URL link which points to online resources where you can get some further details, if needed. Very nice actually!

This is one of those resources that I will continue to use as time goes by and I dive into facilitating the on boarding of the communities I provide support to on making use of some of these new social software tools coming out there. And Nancy’s Online Interaction Glossary is just not only a good start but a superb one. I would be able to save up so much time not having to recreate this and I am glad she has put it together. Also I am sure that as time goes by she will be adding some more entries, so that is perhaps one of those articles that would be worth while bookmarking elsewhere for a later retrieval and catch up.

So from here a big thanks! to Nancy White for putting such a handy resource out there and for making it available to us all. Well done !

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  1. Thanks, Luis – and if you have any suggestions for additions, improvements, etc., please do pass them on. Then this can truly be a collective resource. For example today I realized I needed to add a few more “ASP” and “Hosted applications” – both similar terms that I used without defining with a friend yesterday who looked at me and said JARGON ALERT!

  2. Hi Nancy ! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for adding some more into the conversation. Yes, certainly, I agree with you that it would be great if we could all contribute with some of the different terms that we may have gotten exposed to ourselves over the course of time. So here I got with some further suggestions to get things going:

    • Trackback
    • Pingback
    • Screencast
    • Atom (As in the web syndication protocol)
    • Social Media
    • Social Network Analysis / SNA
    • Widgets
    • File Sharing (I still have got to explain every now and then what online, real-time file sharing is and how it can be done)
    • Informal Learning (Through social software, specially)
    • Expertise Location / Locators

    If I come across with some other ones I shall certainly let you know. Thanks again for the feedback and for putting together such a fine glossary. Good stuff!

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