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Corporate Use of Wikis

Just recently I discovered an enlightening weblog that after reading through some of the different posts I just knew I had to subscribe to it to keep up with some interesting and worth while discussions. The weblog itself is eContent by Rich Hoeg and you can find it over here. Rich gets to talk quite a bit about managing content remotely (eContent) as well as eLearning, two areas that anyone doing Knowledge Management would always be quite interested in reading some more, wherever it may be coming from. So, like I said, I subscribed to Rich’s weblog and so far I have found some very interesting articles that I will be referencing over time and which are worth while reading to say the least. But I am going to start today with one particular weblog post that I have found very helpful and worth while catching up with: Corporate Use of Wikis.

In that particular weblog post, Rich shares some further information details regarding his reports on the recent event Wikimania he attended and that includes as well a link to a wiki space over at Socialtext (Another weblog worth while subscribing to is Ross Mayfield‘s, Socialtext CEO) that I am sure quite of us would be interested in: Enterprise Wikimania. In it, you would be able to find some interesting links to help fast forward the adoption of social software within the enterprise (Something that I have weblogged about already not long ago myself a couple of times), along with some case studies and best practices, some additional webloggers who are covering these topics and some other wiki related topics to the enterprise usage of them.

Quite an interesting resource, I must say, that working myself in one of the largest IT corporations out there is going to keep my interest as to how it would grow further from there. I may be able, perhaps, at a later time to add some further input based on our own exposure to social software within the enterprise but so far you can have a good overview at IBM’s Knowledge Management Strategy Part II – Entering the Web 2.0 World. Thus later in time I shall let you know how that goes. For the time being Corporate Use of Wikis and Enterprise Wikimania seem to be two useful, and worth while, bookmarking resources to check out at a later time.

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