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I Am a Serious Amateur Weblogger, Too!

I couldn’t help it. I hardly ever can help it. Every time that I bump into such things I just have to give in and go for them. And join the crowd. Jack Vinson just shared over at his weblog a quiz that has been put together by Darren Rowse, from ProBlogger, and which, of course, is also titled ProBlogger Quiz. Darren talks about it over here and you will be able to see how it would actually just ask you a couple of questions regarding your own weblogging habits and from there you would be able to see if you are a ProBlogger or not.

Jack mentioned that he is a Serious Amateur weblogger and, as I said, when I first saw it, and after the weblog post I created yesterday on having made it as Superstar Blogger over at ITtoolbox, I just had to give it a try and see how far I would go myself. So I took the ProBlogger Quiz.

By the looks of it, I, too, seem to be a Serious Amateur Weblogger because these are the results I got:

"You managed to score 24 points out of 40.
You might not be a full time blogger yet but you’ve got some promising Signs! Keep at it!

That is just not too bad at all, is it? Next thing would probably be if I could ever manage to take things into the next level, but I guess that would be the subject for another weblog post at some point in the near future. For the time beingĀ  it looks like the initial purpose that I have set up for my weblogging is coming to terms quite nicely and ProBlogger Quiz is just one proof of that. But pretty much like Jack mentioned, weblogging is all about contrasting your opinions in whatever the subject matter with whoever passes by your weblog. Thus you better be ready.

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  1. Hi Andy ! Oh la la ! I thought you would have ranked heavier than that, specially after seeing all the weblogging you have done over at Blogger and now WordPress, not to mention your Intranet weblog. I guess there is always room for improvement, so perhaps you could check out the quiz in another six to twelve months and see if things would have been much more different. I bet they will not.

    Thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback !

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