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Join Anecdote and Make a Difference

Arrrrgghhhh! I really feel some healthy envy for the folks down under in Australia, specially in Canberra and Melbourne, after reading this over at Anecdote. It looks like Shawn, Mark and Andrew are looking for someone that could join Anecdote from either of those places and while reading through the description it does sound like an interesting and exciting job, wouldn’t you think so ? I know that there are a few folks here in elsua who come from that particular area thus if you think you would be ready for a change, for the better, I am sure, I would strongly suggest you take a look into the application itself and go for it.

I know if I would have been around I would have definitely sent out the application. I have met Shawn a couple of times when he was working in IBM, and while attending a number of different Knowledge Management conferences, and he is certainly one of those folks that would make you think about things in a different way and always with a twist. Great fun to work with and someone who knows a lot about CoPs and related subjects, including Knowledge Management, of course. I am sure it would be equally fun to work with Mark and Andrew. Sigh. I guess it will have to be at another time …

Anyway, since they were asking to pass the message along, here it is. Go and check out the weblog post Join Anecdote and Make a Difference and if you feel you are suitable for the job and want to try making a difference, a big difference actually, by all means go for it !

Best of luck to all of the job applicants !

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