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Welcome to InnovationJam!

Well, after fully recovering from the user generated error from last week, here I am again, back in full force, ready to share some thoughts about some of the things that are going on in my mind at the moment. I must say that I mentioned earlier on that I thought I would go ahead and post something over the weekend but the weather has been rather nice to ignore it. So I didn’t. It looks like though the beginning of this week is actually going to be an exciting one and with plenty of events to look forward to. But perhaps one of them is the one that is going to catch my attention big time, even though not many people have been talking about it too much thus far. Yes, indeed, IBM is, for the first time ever, going to hold the first Global InnovationJam, an online event that lasts for three uninterrupted days where IBMers, business partners, customers and family members get to jam in and share their ideas in four different Forums:

The purpose of the event is to bring innovation forward in each of those different topic areas by allowing a huge amount of folks to chime in and share their ideas and collaborate with other folks, wherever they may be, in order to try to bring forward some of the best ideas for each different Forum. You can find all of the information about the Jam itself at the Introduction. You can read from there as well how then around the September timeframe there would be another follow up event in order to collaborate into how to bring forward into practice some of those best ideas that would get discussed over the next three days. Oh, yes, the Global InnovationJam starts later on today and although I usually don’t spend much time talking about IBM stuff I think that you would agree that this is one of those worldwide events that could change the way we see and do things. At least, given the nature of the four different Forums in place, that is what I expect is going to happen over the next 72 hours, starting later on today at 10am EST.

As you may have seen, this is not the same kind of event as the Habitat Jam that took place not long ago and where everyone could register and participate. In this particular case it looks like it would be only down to IBMers, their customers, business partners and family members. I would have wanted it to be open to everyone. However, I still foresee lots of great conversations and discussions will come out of the event. I am sure. And I will be certainly spending some time over there over the next three days just jamming in with the rest of the folks out there who want to help make a difference and bring innovation one step further. I will probably get a chance to weblog about the event itself once it goes live thus if you would want to read some more on it, stay tuned !

Also another reason why I will be hanging out at the Global InnovationJam is because I am really curious as to how IBM is planning to make use of Emerging Technologies, like weblogs, wikis and social bookmarking, amongst others, in order to help spark some more conversations to take place where different folks from different backgrounds get together to share and collaborate in moving forward with those ideas during the course of the next three days. Thus I better get ready and start preparing myself for the event of events, the one that will certainly help people make a connection with a relevant topic in today’s world and stick to it. So let’s jam!

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