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User Generated Error

You may have noticed how for the last couple of days I haven’t been able to weblog much but, not to worry, there is actually a reason for it. Moi! Indeed, yesterday I suffered from those sporadic user generated errors that has knocked me down from one of the computers I am currently using, the one that was easing the pain. I have only been having it for just a few days and I already had to reformat the whole hard drive again. Poor little thing. That should teach me for the next time to stay away from partitions !

Anyway, as you can imagine over the last few hours I have been trying to recover from the disaster. Lucky enough I didn’t get to lose any critical files or anything. Thank goodness! I was very close though. But I still have got to install a whole bunch of applications so you would have to bear with me for a little bit while I get back in shape with it. It shouldn’t take much longer, I am sure. Perhaps I will create a couple of weblogs over the weekend on different things that have been crossing my mind lately since I haven’t been able to the last couple of days. We shall see how smooth it all goes. Time now to continue with the installation of the different applications I am currently using. Will be back in a bit …


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