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Enough Is Enough – Or Is It? Time for Some Planned Action!

I knew that sooner or later I would actually be ending up in this situation and I guess at the time I didn’t expect it to be taking place so soon, but since I had already thought about it back then, when I first got started with this weblog, I thought I would come up with a plan with which I myself would feel comfortable with without having to disappoint everyone else. If you have been reading elsua  for some time, you would know how every now and then I do very much enjoy sharing with you folks some sort of reviews of some of the Knowledge Management and Collaboration tools that are out there and that I have been enjoying quite a bit thus far. That way it gives me the opportunity to provide some insights on those tools that I find would have a good chance to make it into my KM and Collaboration tools suite, that keeps growing larger and larger by the month, and, hopefully, sharing that information with you folks would give you also an idea if it would be a  worth while exploring tool or not, that is, if you can move on to the next one or stick around with it.

Pretty much along the lines of what John Tropea does over at Library Clips, by the way, one of my favourite weblogs out there that provides you every single day with some incredible insights on the myriads of tools available out there. Yes, indeed, worth while subscribing to it!

Well, anyway, it looks like folks are starting to notice some of this here in elsua because over the last couple of weeks I have been getting a number of different e-mails from different people who kindly send me information about a new tool, mainly in the social software / social networking space, that they would want me to try out and provide them with some feedback, and they are anxiously awaiting for that upcoming weblog post to show up in my weblog so that they can dig into it and provide some further feedback on what my experience has been like. I must admit that I do love that very much, indeed, that is perhaps where my true nature of always being an early adopter shows up, but there is the situation where there is only so much time that I can dedicate to explore all of these different tools. So I have decided to take some action about this hoping to be able to still get a try out of the different tools that I feel would be worth while exploring but at the same time without having that constant feeling that is all what I am basically doing the whole day long, which isn’t, in case you are wondering.

So I have decided that from now on of all of the different e-mails and tools that I am getting information on from different folks (Thanks for those, by the way!) I will actually pick up one, the one I think would have the most significant impact in my own user experience, then I will try it out for a few days (I have always been advocating you cannot really judge a tool by just using it for a few hours. That is just too far restricting to make one’s mind up) and, finally, after those few days I will go ahead and create a weblog post over here, or over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog, where I will be sharing my initial thoughts on what I think that tool does and how it can help me become more productive. And, hopefully, from there onwards we can have a chance to engage in the conversation as to what the tool experience has been so far and you will have the opportunity to comment on it as well.

Thus from here I just want to thank all those people who have been following my weblog and who have already been sending those e-mails introducing different tools that although I will not be able to test them all I am certainly going to give it a try. But, one at a time and over a specific period of time. I have already made my choice for this week. And you will get to hear about it very soon. Just a hint though. It is a tool in the social bookmarking area that has just been announced recently. But more on that later…

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