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Gautam Ghosh on Management – Knowledge Is Ignorance

Here we are, once more, another week with the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo! group blog boost just ahead of us. I must say that throughout all the different weeks where I have been participating providing a weekly blog boost to one of the other webloggers I have always been enjoying the experience as it has always allowed me to get to know some other webloggers out there who may, or may not, share some of the same interests that I am very passionate about. Either way, I have found it such a good exercise that most of the folks that I have boosted over here in elsua in the past are actually folks that I have started reading thr ough my RSS feeds ever since the boost and still keep going strong at it. Thus as you can imagine I am quite enjoying the experience as it allows me to engage in whatever other conversations with other webloggers  that I may not have had the chance to in any other way. Thus here I go again for this week’s blog boost.

I must say that this time around the selected weblog for the boost is actually a weblog that it is not unknown to me, since it is even part of my daily KM reading. Ever since I bumped into it by pure chance I have been subscribing to it and have found some interesting discussions that have certainly got me hooked to it and for several reasons. But let’s go with it first. The blog boost for this week goes to Gautam Ghosh on Management. by Gautam, of course. So what are some of the reasons why I enjoy reading his weblog on a daily basis? Well, to get started Gautam is also very interested in knowledge, and managing knowledge (i.e. KM); he is also bringing his HR management expertise into the table which makes it rather relevant to KM, specially in a time where a few people are starting to associate KM with HR.

He has also got some unique views in several subjects that I am also passionate about, like weblogs, wikis, and the rest of the so-called Web 2.0 hype. He is also located in India so that brings some intriguing contrasts that certainly take worldwide weblogging into a new perspective as far as being part of a global conversation around KM related topics. And the list goes on and on and on.

If you didn’t have enough with all that as to why you should subscribe to Gautam’s blog if you are interested in the KM world, here you have got three links to three of his weblog posts that I have found quite entertaining over the last couple of months and which would certainly be worth while a look:

Thus as you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to check out on Gautam’s thoughts over at Gautam Ghosh on Management. Ever since I have subscribed myself to it I have been enjoying some challenging and refreshing new thoughts on how KM is perceived within the management business world and it certainly puts things into perspective as to how wide KM can be in the first place. I am sure you would be subscribing to it shortly, pretty much like I did when I first bumped into it.

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