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Meebo Extension for Flock

I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t. On a time where I was almost on the verge of giving up on Instant Messaging altogether here comes a really nifty productivity tip that I couldn’t ignore. On the contrary. Some time ago you would remember how I have weblogged about one particular offering in the Instant Messaging space called Meebo.In fact, you may have noticed how, so far, it is one of the most read weblog posts here in elsua. Well, as I have continued to like the service more and more by the day, specially when I am away from my own computer travelling or working in whatever other remote environment, Meebo has increasingly become one of the tools that I have been making use of in order to keep in touch with those folks. So, as I said, it looks like I may not be giving up on Instant Messaging that quickly after all.

Specially even more when it looks like one of my other favourite applications, my default web browser, Flock, has been enhanced with a new extension that would actually help you make use of Meebo in the sidebar as opposed to its own window. That is right. Tones has just released an extension that allows you to integrate Meebo into your Flock browser (Or FireFox for that matter) so that you can browse around at the same time that your buddy lists are available to you at all times without the need of having to install additional software nor work with a separate browser window. It is all nicely integrated into a single experience.

Download Squad, 21talks and Techcrunch have got all of them some very helpful reviews of how it actually works. And, of course, I had to try it out and, like it has been mentioned already it, it works in exactly the same way as advertised. Quite nicely. With this new extension you would be able to access the IM protocols that Meebo was putting together already: AOL / ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk / Jabber and MSN, but all of them nicely embedded on a sidebar so that you can continue browsing the Internet without losing eye contact with your buddies. As I said, pretty interesting capability that would certainly make Flock a truly Web 2.0 browser, because with extensions like ChatZilla, we now have the capability of collaborating and sharing knowledge both in real-time having IM and .I.R.C. capabilities and the standard offline capabilities of working with other asynchronous tools, like wikis, weblogs, social bookmarks, photo sharing, etc. etc.

Thus there you go, if you would want to increase even further your overall Web 2.0 experience you may want to give a try to Flock’s Meebo extension. I have been testing it out myself for the last few hours and I can certainly recommended.

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  1. Hi Amanda ! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome to elsua!

    Yes, I know about Kool IM. I have actually tried it out a couple of months back just when it became available and I must say that after having played with it for about a week I still prefer Meebo. Much more powerful and easier to use and keeping everything under the same window and without having to work with popups and the like. I agree, too, with Techcrunch and Mashable that Meebo seems to be much more matured than Kool IM, at least, from what I have been able to see myself while I tested it out.

    However, I am glad to see you mentioned it as an option over here so that other folks who may want to look for alternatives they would be able to make use of it and take it for a spin. So thanks for that!

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