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New Qumana Beta Release – It Surely Is Easier then Ever

Folks who may have been reading from  elsua for some time now would probably remember how fond I have been all along about one of my favourite offline weblogging tools available out there: Qumana. I have weblogged a few times already about it under the name of QumanaXP, specially since they have been working on their latest beta. So earlier on this morning I was actually quite excited to read over at Qumana "How To" Blog a weblog post by Arieanna where she has just announced the latest beta client available for Qumana: New Qumana Beta Release: Easier than Ever.

Fantastic piece of news, folks ! I tell you. This is one of those offline weblogging releases that will certainly help people come a lot closer to weblogging than ever before. It will no doubt help them improve their own weblogging experience quite a bit not only because of its incredible ease of use but also because some of the really nifty features that have been put together on this latest release and which you can read some more about over at Qumana Is Font Crazy and Qumana’s New and Hot Image Interface.

I love it! One of the recent features I have implemented over here, and that I mentioned some time ago, is now easier than ever ! That is  just a terrific piece of news because I have been looking for a nicer way to implement this and I was never sure how to get the most out of it and it looks like now, with Qumana, I would be able to get it going, just the way I want it. Lovely.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this last beta release and I am sure that we would get to see some more in future versions. The folks over at Qumana do certainly know how to keep innovating in such a precious space as offline weblogging tools, because I am not sure if you have noticed it or not but going through the initial set up and the Blog Manager is just such a treat that I am really glad they have made the latest client available because as I have gone to maintain a couple of other weblogs setting them up through Qumana has been really easy. Too easy. So what is your excuse ? Why not give it a try and start experiencing the way weblogging was always meant to be. Go ahead, download the client, and get busy with it!

Oh, and in case you are wondering about this, Qumana is not the only offline weblogging tool that I am using and that I have enjoyed quite a bit so far. In the past you have probably read how I have been using w.bloggar, Performancing for FireFox and Flock’s weblogging component. You may be thinking that these may well be far too many offline weblogging tools and you probably are right. However, I always like to work on different drafts for different posts from several weblogs that I maintain, so for each weblog I have developed a technique to use a particular offline weblogging tool. So I can keep things separate but at the same time with a flow that works for me. And now it is about to get even better with this latest release of Qumana. Easier than ever. Good stuff!

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  1. Hi Ianiv ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the heads up! I think we all really appreciate the hard work you guys have been putting together to get such a fine product out with such an outstanding set of features, even though it is still on a beta status. Actually so much so that I was expecting that while I was writing the original weblog post I would come up with some further feedback comments on potential additional features and capabilities that I would love to see in this latest version of Qumana and the good thing is that so far I haven’t been able to come up with anything else that I may have been missing all along. It looks like everything is just right there and quite nicely, to say the least. Thus appreciated the support and the superb release and I certainly look forward to the next one 🙂

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