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Here we go again with another LinkedIn Bloggers group blog boost. Indeed, like I have been mentioning a few times already, every week the group of LinkedIn webloggers actually gets to post an article in their corresponding weblogs about one particular weblog that gets selected and that we all get to boost by linking to it. Like I have mentioned elsewhere this is actually one activity that I get to enjoy quite a bit because it allows me to get to know other members of the community at the same time that it allows me to build a connection with different webloggers where we may share common interests in different topics. Pretty much a similar case to what I have mentioned yesterday when establishing a connection between communities and weblogs.

So this week I was really delighted to read that the blog boost is on Des Walsh‘s weblog Thinking Home Business. Reason why I am saying delighted is because I have actually been following up on Des’ weblog for some time now and every time that he gets to post something it will actually make you think a bit. Des gets to weblogged on a regular basis about different topics but the ones that I have been enjoying the most are about weblogging itself and social networks.

However, if there is a section that I have been enjoying quite a bit from Des’ weblog is his different weblog posts around the topic of Coaching. In fact, if you are looking for some really good tips on coaching related topics then I suggest you head over there and read some more about because Des has got a good amount of posts to get you started. Like, for instance, the one on Principles for a Balanced Life; a weblog post that I am sure will hit home with quite a few people who may be working remotely at different sites or from home as it basically puts things into perspective where sometimes it is actually a good thing to let it go and enjoy life. Just for the sake of it. Just to re-energise yourself once again. And why not? Sometimes it is good to get pushed a bit to make it happen.

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