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Blogging and Knowledge Communities – Is There a Connection?

Earlier on today, I attended one of those conference calls that I was really looking forward to for quite some time now. It was organised by Stan Garfield, leader of the SIKMLeaders group (System Integrators KM Leaders), and it was actually organised as part of their Knowledge Management monthly calls. This time around we had the opportunity to attend a session where the presenter was Jack Vinson, who gave a great presentation on the following subject: Blogging and Knowledge Communities – Is There a Connection? Yes, indeed, another good reason for making it into the event. No doubt.

The reason why I was really excited about this particular call was because it was the first time that I actually managed to attend the call knowing that I would be meeting up some of the different KM webloggers I have been following up on for some time now. So I got the chance to put a voice behind the weblogs of folks like Jack, Stan and a few other folks, along with listening to a very interesting presentation. Just being there and listening and engaging on the different conversations was worth while the full hour. However, I just thought I would let you know some more about the presentation itself that Jack went through.

In Blogging and Knowledge Communities – Is There a Connection? Jack tried successfully to create a link between communities and weblogs and how there are different signs when engaging in weblogs that could help identify them as potential community tools that would help the different webloggers become much more involved with the group and share and collaborate with one another. So, like he said, a community of webloggers would be that one that would have a common set of topics to write about, that would get webloggers reading from each other’s weblogs, that would encourage webloggers to get to know one another and to help expand further on their own ideas by sharing their own point of view on those similar ideas.

While Jack was going through the presentation I just couldn’t help thinking about the good amount of similarities with the whole purpose of why we first got started with the KMBloggers community. A community space for KM webloggers to connect with one another, reading from each other’s weblogs, expanding further on each other’s ideas and to provide a platform that would help encourage all of us to try to reach out there. Thus if you feel that you would want to become part of that KM Community just go ahead and join the KMBloggers community

If you would want to read further from Jack’s presentation you can download the slides from here. Notice that you will need to register with the SIKMLeaders Yahoo group in order to access them. If you would want to have a look into them without having to register let me know and I will share them elsewhere.

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