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Personal Knowledge Management Revisited

In the past I have been weblogging a few times already about one subject that I have always been very interested in: Personal Knowledge Management. Indeed, over the course of the years, and with the emergence of social software, I have been thinking more along the lines of how knowledge workers can actually make the best of the resources out there in order to help improve the way they share knowledge and collaborate with others. Because that is actually what, to me, is PKM all about. So when I bumped into Harold Jarche‘s weblog post on PKM Revisited I just couldn’t help nodding on most of the stuff he is sharing over there.

In PKM Revisited he has just shared what he is actually doing to take one step further his PKM approach to everything. And while reading through it I just couldn’t help thinking how close I was, too, to follow a similar approach. I must say that most of the resources I get to use to organise myself and my thoughts are actually stored on the Web somewhere and along those same lines I hardly ever get to access my computer files in order to help me organise those same thoughts. That is why, like Harold using Furl, I have been using BlinkList (For Internet bookmarks) and Dogear (Both Internet and Intranet bookmarks) as my social bookmarking tool so that not only can I go and store the bookmarks of the sites I visit frequently but also I am able to share those bookmarks with those folks who may share similar interests. That way, I can help build on the collective knowledge of online bookmarks that will be shared then all over the place with those folks who have got a passion for the stuff I care as well.

Along those lines Harold shared as well how he is making use of his weblog to store some of his thoughts as he goes along and also encourages everyone to actually subscribe to a number of weblogs (He is actually making use of BlogLines for that, whereas I am using both Omea Pro and Newzie) so that you actually get an exposure of what is actually happening out there in the KM world. This follows the same trend of thought of what Denham weblogged about some time ago on KM on-line discourse. The KM conversations are getting more and more disperse and distributed so it may be a good chance for you to actually start diving into the KM Blogosphere and subscribe to a number of them and get yourself busy sharing your thoughts with others. To that effect I have just uploaded an updated version of the KM feeds that I am subscribed to at the moment. About 84 of them and growing … You can download them from the following link: elsua KM Feeds (Notice that in order to access the zipped file you would need to be a member of the KMBloggers Community). Over time and as I bump into more interesting KM weblogs I will be updating the file on a regular basis, thus you may want to take a look every now and then.

Then, finally, Harold talks about a very interesting service, amongst others, that I have been following all along, although I haven’t dived into it just yet: Squidoo where you can create your own lens about whatever the stuff you may be interested in. But that would be a topic for a future weblog post. For the time being I just wanted to also let you know that, like Harold, here in elsua, through its weblog template, you can see most of the online resources I am using at the moment to help me manage some of what I know, and why not?, share with others, and some of what I would want to investigate at some point in time. Once more. How about you? Have you built up already your own online Personal Knowledge Management system ?

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