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elsua Has Now Moved – Back in Business

After the weekend break (And subsequent hiccup) where elsua has now moved to a new web hosting home I am really glad to announce that the move has now been completed successfully and elsua has got a new home with double the amount of bandwidth, space and whatever else. Wonderful! I am really delighted with how things went with the migration, except perhaps a little scare that took place on Saturday and for which I was not really sure how it would turn out to be in the end. But, at long last, it was all fixed that same day and we are back in business.

As you may have noticed nothing much has changed in the overall experience. Things are going now back to normal. Only thing that I need to do now is look for a 3 column theme for my WordPress weblog that I can use, as opposed to the current one, so that I can accommodate better a recent change I decided to implement about including pictures inside of every single weblog post.

Somehow there seems to be a little bit of distortion that I am not seeing when I am actually previewing the weblog post and I think it is because of the actual theme I am currently using. Thus we shall see. I have already initiated the hunt for that super theme that would help address this issue but if you know of any other resource other than what Emily has shared over at her weblog please do append a comment sharing those links. I have looked through all of the different 3 column themes over there and I just couldn’t find a single one that I would feel comfortable with. I know, it will be difficult to find one but I am trying …

And talking about trying, while I have been doing the migration to the new web hosting environment of elsua, and since I couldn’t post anything during that time, I have had a chance to catch up with all of the different RSS Newsfeeds that I keep track of, specially the ones from my Knowledge Management folder and it looks like throughout all this time since I came back from Madrid lots of people have been having a great deal of great conversations ! Thus this time around I am going to give it a try and see if I can update on a more or less regular basis the Links and Thoughts section, which I have failed miserably to update throughout all these months, and include in very short weblog posts some of those links with some additional commentary.

If you remember I mentioned I would be using that section to remind me of future topics to deal with and it looks like since that ever growing list of links is never going to stop I might as well get it going once and for all. Thus hopefully, from here onwards you will be seeing some of that as well.

Any way, here we are, elsua has got a new home. I am excited about it all since there would be some interesting changes coming up along the way and, above all, the feeling that I am home again. Yes, it is good to be back…

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