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elsua Is Moving to a New Home – Part Deux

If you would remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that elsua would be moving to a new home very shortly given that my current web hosting server was actually closing down the different servers. Well, I am glad to let you folks know that after having searched all over the place for different options, having talked to a number of folks (Thanks much for the great tips!), and having tried out a number of different things I have finally found my next web hosting environment.

It will be with the folks over at HostPC. I have just signed up for one of the very competitive packages they have in offer and wouldn’t you know it, this is just perfect timing because they have just got started with a 15 day offer where they are doubling their offerings free of charge, for new accounts, that is. Here you have got all of the different details.

Thus I have signed up with them just a couple of hours ago and over the next couple of days I will be making the transition and migration to the new web hosting environment using the DirectAdmin access, so there may be a chance that if you try to access elsua it may be temporarily down while the DNS servers get to update themselves. Nothing to worry about I guess but you will have to bear with me while I get everything sorted out. I shall be back posting some new stuff over the next day or two while I finish off with the migration into the new environment. Let’s see how it would go…

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