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The Biggest I Have Seen So Far – Not Any More!

If you would remember, last year, when I was moving from one Internet weblog to elsua, I actually migrated a number of different weblog posts in order not to lose the information. Well, one of those weblog posts was this one: The Biggest I Have Ever Seen So Far, where I was actually detailing the largest paella party I have ever been to and where I shared some pictures about the event itself. What can I say, folks? If I was flabbergasted back then when I attended the event for the first time, this year it has been more of the same. But this time around I was well prepared. I thought.

Yes, the traditional paella party or festival, whatever you would want to call it, took place this year as well as the ending event from the local festivities of El Tablero de Maspalomas. There were perhaps a little bit less people than in previous years but it is also true that there wasn’t much paella left at the end of the event (About two and a half hours later) thus it looks like it was a bit more scaled than in previous occasions. This time around I did my homework and I arrived a little bit earlier than usual so that I could take some pictures before hand of a paella that was going to feed several thousand people! I cannot describe it with many more words, other than saying that it is an art to be able to cook such a tasty giant paella for such a large crowd and still make it worth while eating! A big thumbs up for all of the cooks and rest of personnel who helped making it possible year after year! Just brilliant! Congrats, guys!

I doubt that I would be able to say something more than just show you a few of the pictures that I took during the event. There are many more that I will be sharing later on in my Flickr account but here you have got some of the most representative ones:

El Tablero - Paella Party

El Tablero - Paella Party

El Tablero - Paella Party

El Tablero - Paella Party

Next year, I will be ready for some more. No doubt ! Thus if you happen to be around here on holidays, or whatever, you know where you will find me! Yummy!

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  1. Thanks, Dennis, for dropping by! It surely was tasty ! I wish I would have been able to grab some and send it over 😉 Oh, better, next year plan a trip around Europe and in mid-May drop by and you will be able to smell the wonderful aroma(s). I will leave you some, too, in case you cannot make it!

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