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How Linkable Is Your Weblog Post?

Back after a re-energising long weekend! As I get busy catching up with some of my RSS newsfeeds, and while I have been playing around with a few changes with elsua that will be taking place during the course of the next couple of weeks, as I transition into a new host, I bumped into an interesting link that I am sure would be of interest to all those folks out there who feel that weblogging is all about linking with other weblogs/webloggers in order to be part of the conversation and share and collaborate with others. Something that I have been much in agreement with all along.

Check out How Linkable Is Your Blog Post? presented by Philipp Lenssen‘s Google Blogoscoped. Over there you would be able to read how Philipp has put together a short test to let you know how linkable your weblog post(s) may be.

It will not take you more than a couple of minutes to go through it and the good thing is that after getting your results you would also see listed a number of different tips on how you can improve the linkability of your weblog posts. Pretty interesting seeing that most of those tips contain lots of common sense and would take you very little action to get them implemented.

Yes, of course, you guessed it right. I tried it out and got the message that my linkability is on 65%, that although not too bad it could certainly be improved to a higher level. Say to something like 80% or above. Thus I went down the list of tips I got recommended to improve that linkability and I have decided to actually do a little bit of an experiment with this particular tip:

Sometimes, a small illustrative or explanatory image can go a long way to improve the linkability of your post. It just makes an article feel more fun, and more complete. Naturally not everyone’s an artist or designer, but there are many Creative Commons licensed photos around on Flickr and others.

Thus from now on, and since I have been maintaining a Flickr account where I have been sharing a number of different pictures already, every single post that I create here in elsua will have one of those explanatory or illustrative images of the pictures that I have taken so far and which are available for a larger image over at Flickr. As I said this is going to be an experiment that I am willing to give it a try and see how it goes. But then again when I come to think about it I feel it may be a good idea as well as it would provide me with a great opportunity to share some of the pictures I have taken so far and which I have been delaying weblogging about them for a couple of weeks now. That way, I keep up to date with that and, hopefully, it would help me as well improve that linkability.

We shall see how that goes. I will get started with it from this weblog post onwards and would appreciate if you would share a comment or two on how you, faithful readers, would feel about it. If it works out it would be one of the many changes I have got planned while I transition into a new host, which I suspect is not going to take me much longer any more since I think I have found a very good choice. But more on that later on this week…

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  1. Well, I am not too sure about it either, Dennis, but I feel it may have got to do with the fact that people may not be really sure about linking across thinking that they may be unnecessarily plagiarising content by placing quoted text from the original post where there isn’t clarity about how that content could be shared across. I am not sure but it could well be due to that. Perhaps other folks may have other ideas / suggestions as to why that would be happening.

    Thanks again for the feedback comments!

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