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Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop – Edinburgh – May 2006

If yesterday I created a weblog post around the topic of Folksonomy in The Name Game – Where Folksonomy Meets Taxonomy I am sure that you would find today’s weblog post worth while reading on further as well. Earlier on this morning I was actually talking to one other weblogger who has done some incredible work around the topic of folksonomies and tagging and we actually had a very interesting conversation through Skype. His name is Emanuele Quintarelli and you can find more information about him and his work over at InfoSpaces. Later on and as I go along I will be sharing some further thoughts on some of the great weblog posts he has shared so far around the topic of tagging and folksonomies. Thus stay tuned!

Anyway, while we were having the conversation, he actually mentioned one particular event that will be taking place beginning of next week on Monday in Edinburgh and that I am sure would be of great interest to all those folks interested in this very same subject: Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop. As you will be able to see at the main schedule home page, it will be a packed up workshop with some very good sessions. I have been reading some of the different abstracts and some of the thoughts and ideas put together are quite interesting and thought provoking. So much so that I have decided that I will be talking about a few of them over the next few weblog posts.

As you will be able to see from the agenda itself there would be a couple of fellow IBM colleagues speaking at the event, too, on how IBM is actually making use of tagging in the enterprise and in particular one of the papers would be about one particular research tool that uses people tagging and that I will be providing some further details on shortly. It is called Fringe Contacts. I have been wanting to talk about it all along, specially since Dogear and ThinkPlace have been mentioned already, thus you can expect a couple of posts on the subject.

I couldn’t find anywhere on the website, or related sites, information on whether they will be recording some of these sessions or not and make them available, perhaps, as podcasts but I do surely hope so because I would be very interested in hearing the live talks around a number of them. We shall see. Anyway since a few of my colleagues would be going there and presenting I am hoping they will be doing some conblogging of their experiences, whether they would do it internally or externally. Either way, I shall be sharing my thoughts about some of the different abstracts as I feel they are interesting enough to trigger some further discussion.

Finally, I just wanted to thank Emanuele for getting in touch with me and for making the connection. Way cool! I am sure we will be talking some more about this particular and exciting topic in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted ! For the time being if you are interested in the world of folksonomies and tagging I would encourage you to subscribe to his weblog feed as it would be a worth while read for sure. Thanks again, Emanuele! Will speak to you soon!

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  1. Hi Luis!

    Thanks for your comments on my work. I’m here to add a few details about the workshop that will be held on monday at the WWW2006.

    One of the organizers is Frank Smadja from RawSugar (a wonderful social bookmarking tool adding hierarchical tagging to the del.icio.us model).

    Frank and Philipp Keller will present a talk on ‘Automated Tag Clustering: Improving search and exploration in the tag space’.

    Frank told me that near real time blogging on the workshop will be posted on the wiki at http://blog.rawsugar.com/wikka/wikka.php?wakka=HomePage.

    Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Emanuele !

    Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome ! This is really good stuff ! I shall certainly look forward to catching up on the event through the Wiki. I am sure there would be plenty of really good conversations worth while going through and getting involved with ! Just brilliant ! Thanks for the headsup.

    Oh, also, thanks for the great tip on RawSugar. It surely looks like an interesting service / offering worth while investigating. I may have a look into it and then report my findings at some point. I have been a big fan of BlinkList all along thus we shall see how that goes.

    Again thanks much for all of the feedback comments and will speak to you soon!

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