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elsua Is Moving to a New Home

Yes, indeed, at least, that is the plan. But it comes with a twist. It looks like the web hosting folks where I am having elsua have decided to shut down their servers, not enough profit, and over the weekend they have sent me an e-mail saying that I would need to find another hosting service before the end of this month. Yes, I know very sad news. Thing is that I have been advised that I will not be losing any of the information as there are a number of backups in place. However, it looks like I would need to transition into a hosting service that would provide a similar functionality, like DirectAdmin, in order to facilitate a smooth transition. And this is where the quest starts and why I am going to ask you folks for your help and advice.

I have been looking into a couple of different web hosting offerings already but I would certainly love to hear your thoughts / suggestions and what different options are there. Basically, I am looking for a recommendation to have another web service hosting my weblog with the smallest disruption possible where I could migrate all of my weblog (Based on WordPress) content in some very easy steps. Oh, of course, I am also looking for some competitive options money wise, like everyone else, I guess. So I would love to hear your suggestions on your own experience with whatever the hosting company you may have been dealing with all along.

Over the weekend I have been thinking about perhaps going back to one of the major weblogging engines out there, like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and the like but in the end I wasn’t totally convinced. I once used Blogsome, loved the experience, but then moved on. And this time around it would be the same thing. It would be the first time that I would have to do this so I am hoping it goes rather smooth and painless. We shall see. Keep those suggestions though as I would need to make this migration sooner rather than later. Look forward to hearing from you.

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