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Laura’s Winning Ideas – How to Prevent Burnout

Last week, while I was away from the office, and even though I had the intention of talking about it, I missed out on the weekly blog boost from the LinkedIn bloggers group I am part of for a number of weeks now. I thought I would be able to talk briefly about it but in the end I couldn’t manage it. More to come on that later. However, with all that said, here we go with another Wednesday, another blog boost. And this time around the lucky winner is Laura’s Winning Ideas by Laura Ricci. I must say that Laura has put together an interesting weblog to follow up on if you are into the creation of proposals that would sell themselves to your customers. Worth while subscribing to for those interested, to say the least.

However, what struck me the most was one of the very last weblog posts she has created around the subject of How to Prevent Burnout. While reading through it I just couldn’t help nodding about some of the great tips she has shared over there regarding how you can avoid reaching beyond the stage of burnout. In particular the one on taking a 20 minute nap throughout the day. Reason why I have enjoyed that particular tip is because it reminded of a weblog post I created some time ago around the same subject: Power Napping for Improved Productivity, where I referenced Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Management and Health by Elizabeth Scott.

I must say that I not always take advantage of such naps, or siestas, whatever name you would want to make use of, but I tell you something, whenever I can I try to go for one of them and I cannot stress out enough how re-energising they can be. It makes you feel like you could go for the rest of the day with the same energy as in the early morning. I have been trying to go with this tip for quite some time now and it surely makes you feel completely different. In case you haven’t tried it out, you should. I guess this is one of those worth while tips following up on and I am glad that Laura feels the same way as well. I actually found out throughout the years that they are great specially when you are travelling to different conference events with very long and intensive agendas from the early morning till the late evening. There is nothing like a 20 minute nap in the middle of the afternoon to then be able to respond to such demanding events throughout the whole day. I tried it out back again while I was at the TLE event in Madrid and will certainly repeat it in whatever the next event that I may get to attend. And believe me, you should do it, too. You would thank me for it later.

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