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Back from the IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange

What an exciting week, indeed, last week, folks! I am now back from Madrid where I attended the IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange last week. If you would remember, I was also scheduled to present on the topic Personal Knowledge Management, specially on how IBM is making use of PKM related tools in order to augment different KM strategies already in place to foster and boost knowledge sharing and collaboration. Well, the presentation went very well and had lots of positive feedback. I may detail some more about its contents and perhaps share the slides at a later time once I get the go ahead, since most of the information was meant for IBM internal purposes. Thus stay tuned.

However, with this weblog post I just wanted to let folks know that I am now back, although doing some catch up with everything else (a few e-mails, RSS / Atom feeds, links and presentations I have bumped into so far). Thus it may take a day or two still to get back into full swing. I thought I was going to be able to share some weblog posts from some interesting links I bumped into during the course of the week or perhaps doing some live conblogging but the truth is that I didn’t get much of a chance since the venue of the event was not having consistent networking connections to allow a bunch of us get connected and create a couple of weblog posts. And the prices of the wireless broadband connection from the hotel where I was staying were not as cheap and competitive as you would expect thus here I am; stuck with a whole bunch of great ideas to talk about and comment further regarding KM on and still plenty of stuff to catch up with. So you will have to bear with me for a little while still why I try to get most of those ideas in order.

On the other hand, I also wanted to mention how delighted I am about how the KMBloggers community is coming along. We already have got eight members, and growing, and although I haven’t been sharing much information I am excited to see there is genuine interest in seeing the group grow further. Thus stay tuned because I am now back and over the next couple of days I will be sharing some further information details as well as getting started with some different discussions where I would be asking for your input to share your thoughts. In case you may not have subscribed to the KMBloggers Yahoo! group yet here is the link you can go to in order to subscribe to it. Also do not forget to signup for the KMWiki space that Denham put together already as well and where some great information has been collected already around different KM related topics.

Thus, let’s get busy ! (Yes, indeed, it is good to be back fully re-energised! 🙂 )

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