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Welcome to the KMBloggers Community!

A couple of days ago you would remember how I created a weblog post on the topic of Coming to Terms with Knowledge Management Webloggers where I was indicating how it would be a good opportunity now to establish a community of Knowledge Management bloggers where we could get together to share some of our thoughts / ideas on the KM happenings taking place out there in the blogosphere and elsewhere, of course. So after having received several e-mails from folks, who would like to become part of that community, and having had a number of discussions, I am glad to present you the KMBloggers Community.

During the course of those discussions with different KMers on how to get started with this community of KM bloggers, we decided to get things going by making use of two different tools in order to help us get together. I am sure you would be aware of both tools since one of them is a key resource for KMers alike and the second one is just one hosted in one of the most popular group tools out there.

Indeed, after having considered a few options we have decided to have:

In principle, the community is open to everyone interested in Knowledge Management and related topics. However, we encourage as well that KMers who maintain a weblog on KM related topics would become part of the community in order to get involved in the different conversations. Thus if you feel that you would want to contribute into this new KM space where you will be an integral part of it feel free to signup at KMBloggers and register into the KMWiki.

At this very moment KMWiki has got already lots of different content, including a starting list of KM bloggers and although the KMBloggers Yahoo! group has not been populated yet with content it will start getting some over the course of the next couple of days. Thus go ahead and sign up now while we get ready different bits and pieces.

If you have got any questions or further comments feel free to append them over here or just contact me offline. Feel free as well to pass this message along to all those folks interested in KM who you feel would be keen on becoming part of this new community around the role that social software like wikis and weblogs is currently playing in the Knowledge Management world.

Hope to see you there soon !

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  1. Luis – This is excellent. I was unaware that Denham had stared a KM wiki, so I’m off to check it out. I will also be linking up with the Yahoo! group. Thanks again for bringing this to the forefront. Regards – Tom.

  2. Hi Tom ! Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for dropping by. I shall certainly be looking forward to your involvement in both the KMWiki and the KMBloggers group. I must say that I had the intention of sharing some further information in the Yahoo group but with the current conference event I am attending at the moment I am having a great time and not finding enough time to do other stuff. But as soon as I return I will start sharing some further information I wanted to share all along. Thus stay tuned!

    Let us know if you feel there is also some further information details you would like to see or share.

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