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More Tagging Articles – Enterprise Tagging

A few days ago Bill Ives was actually asking folks to chime into his weblog post on More Tagging Articles and share some additional articles or whatever resources that people may have found interesting and worth while mentioning around the world of tagging and, specially, enterprise tagging for an upcoming article on “enterprise social bookmarking or tagging behind the firewall” that he is currently working on at the moment. As you may have been able to see already there have been a few folks who have already provided their input and share some really interesting and thought provoking visions of what tagging is and how it would be able to help the KM world. Thus I just thought I would chime in and share those resources regarding tagging / folksonomy and social bookmarking that I have enjoyed reading / writing or going through in the last few weeks. Let’s see how far we can go:

I am sure there will be plenty of other resources out there around the world of social bookmarking and tagging for the enterprise and as I get exposed to them I will be adding them to the list (Perhaps even sharing some further comments on the subject) but for the time being those would keep you busy for a little while.

Now it is the time for me to get busy reading some of the great articles that other folks have shared in Bill’s weblog post and get to learn some more about this exciting and refreshing method for categorising things, and people, on the fly to then be able to find them at a later time which is what tagging is all about. Good stuff!

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