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Susan’s The Artsy Asylum – Blogging Did It Again!

Like every Wednesday, here I go with the weekly exercise from the LinkedIn Bloggers’ blog boost. As you may have been able to read all along since I got started with this, every week a randomly chosen weblog gets to be promoted by the entire group of LinkedIn Bloggers in order to bring some further visibility and also as a way to help further on the community building aspects of the group by learning a bit more from other community members through their own weblogs. And this week’s winner has just actually allowed me to do that. Help me get to know other community members that I never thought I would be able to. And even better when this week’s pick hasn’t got anything to do with Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Collaboration or Social Networking per se: i.e. the main themes from elsua. But certainly has got a lot to do with another subject that I haven’t touched based with in some time now: Work / Life Balance.

This week’s blog boost goes to Susan ReynoldsThe Artsy Asylum. As you will be able to read Susan is an artist, a writer and a consultant and while spending some time reading off her weblog I found it quite inspiring and interesting some of the topics that she covers regarding the arts in general. You may think that her weblog may be a bit too crowded but it is certainly very easy on the eyes and quite a pleasant read. At least, that is the impression you will get after you navigate through it for some time. All those pale shades, the lovely colours put together and the like do certainly have a soothing effect. And then you bump into little gems like the video clip she has shared as part of her weblog template and created over at One True Media.

And from there onwards you realise what you will be busy with during the course of this Easter vacation. Indeed, One True Media sounds like a worth while option to give it a try and create some montages or photo books based on the different pictures that I have been sharing all along in the Photography category. So thanks to Susan and her weblog I will be able to play around with this new to me offering and see how well it would produce those montages or photo books. And in the process I will continue with my everlasting learning process of shooting some great shots from the place I live.

Thus it turns out that instead of a blog boost, which I am hoping it will happen as well anyway, I found some really nice tips from Susan that I never expected would happen this way. This certainly clearly indicates to me the real power of weblogging as a learning tool. There is always something out there that you would be able to learn and get busy with and Susan just gave me that perfect opportunity to give a try to One True Media. And, of course, don’t worry. Once I am done with it, during the course of the weekend, I will share with you folks my experiences on this wonderful and exciting, yet widely unknown to me, multimedia world. Thanks, Susan !

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