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A Waterfall – Part Deux

If you would remember last week I shared a round of pictures about a place up in the mountains here in Gran Canaria where after some heavy rain it would create a stunning waterfall for everyone passing by with the car to enjoy it, since it is just very close to the main road. Last week I created a weblog post on this very same subject and although the waterfall didn’t have much water running I mentioned later on this week I would be sharing another weblog post where I would be showing the same waterfall with some incredible pictures of water running all over the place after having had some heavy rain a few weeks back.

Thus here is the followup weblog post so that you would be able to check out what it would look like with lots of water running along the mountain and what is even better check out also some of the surroundings where you will be able to see lots of different almond trees and certainly lots of vegetation that will probably remind you of being elsewhere. This time around I have shared a whole bunch of these pictures in my Flickr account as well, but, as a teaser, here you have got three of my favourites that I have uploaded so far, so that you get to see why I said that particular location is mind-blowing.

The Waterfall The Waterfall The Waterfall The Waterfall

Oh, and if you would want to explore further the differences between the before and the after check out the Waterfall tag I created for the whole round of pictures. You will be able to see how much it changes from one day to the other, specially in the overall surroundings.

Finally, here is another pretty slick tool related to Flickr that will keep you busy for a little while. It is Flickr Related Tag Browser and you can find it over here. The way it would work is you would enter a particular tag you may be interested in and right away it will start grabbing smaller thumbnails of pictures tagged with that particular word(s) and within seconds you would have access to a couple of dozens of pictures for your enjoyment. And all that with a zoom effect so that you get to check the picture(s) and with a direct link to the picture(s) if you would want to see the original. Nice ! Very nice! Certainly another Flickr tool to add to the growing list.

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