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Qwika – New Wiki Search Engine Updated!

Ever since the first day that it came out, and ever since I first weblogged about it, I have always been very fond of Qwika, a powerful search engine that allows you to search content of multiple wikis hosted in different places but bringing you that collective wisdom under a single point of entry. In the past there wasn’t a single and unique service able to search the content of wikis so by the looks of it it was very much needed to have something like Qwika to be able to share for knowledge and information from a wide range of wiki spaces and without having to search in multiple places. Back when I first weblogged about it I actually mentioned how most of the content seemed to be coming from Wikipedia, but just a couple of hours ago I got an e-mail from Luke Metcalfe where he was pointing to a new press release where we would be able to read the following piece of news:

Qwika, a search engine designed specifically for searching wikis, has today included an additional 1,144 wikis and 21,964,380 articles in its index. This brings the site much further to its goal of indexing all wiki content.

These wikis span an wide array of topics including travel, music, genealogy, trains and games. They provide a level of detail that would not be considered encyclopedic in Wikipedia. Most are hosted at How, recently renamed from WikiCities.

WoW! 1.144 and coming closer to the 22 million articles of good and relevant information and knowledge ready at your fingertips and ready to be reused. This is just terrific ! Those folks who have been trying out Qwika would certainly agree with me how easy it is actually to make use of it and even better to be presented the results in just a single window and then navigate from there regardless where the original resource may be. It will eventually get you there. Very nice, indeed.

If in the past most of the content indexed by Qwika was coming from Wikipedia, it looks like with this press release it will now also search the contents of Wikia, the former Wikicities, a place I have been watching closely lately where you can find a good number of wiki spaces related to Knowledge Management. In fact, here you have got the results from Qwika related to Knowledge Management. As you will be able to see lots of interesting resources related to the KM world and which would fit in quite nicely next to a weblog post I shared not long ago: KM Awareness – Tell Me What You Read and I Will Tell You Who You Are. Another resource we would need to add to the growing list of KM resources.

Thus if you haven’t checked out Qwika yet, I would suggest you take it for a spin and see if it would allow you to find relevant wiki content to whatever you may be looking for. I am surely it will meet your expectations and much more. We will have to wait and see what will happen in future upgrades. Perhaps adding Wikispaces to the list of resources? We shall see. But so far things are looking good. Very good, indeed!

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