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A Waterfall

Here we go again with the weekly section for some pictures that I have taken not long ago and which will give you an idea of how the spring is hitting over here in Gran Canaria. Last week I shared some pictures from Degollada de las Yeguas where you could see how the South of the island looks like after plenty of rain and lots of sunshine. This time around I have been sharing some pictures, already available at my Flickr account, of a waterfall in the center of the island just a couple of days after we had lots of rain from a thunderstorm. So this time around you will see how the centre of the island is all full of green all over the place and what the waterfall would look like with hardly any water. Then perhaps at a later time I will share a second round of pictures of the same waterfall but that time around with water. You will be able to see the huge difference. But let’s go with the first round of my favourite pictures of the week:

Spring up in the mountains - The waterall

Spring up in the mountains - The waterall

Spring up in the mountains

As usual, if you would want to see some more pictures around this very same subject I have shared some more in my Flickr account. And talking about Flickr, here you have got my weekly tip on another handy tool that would allow you to display your Flickr pictures as a screensaver. The tool itself is called Slickr and you can find more details about it over here. It would allow you to display pictures by user, group, Everyone and local (From a particular folder) and configure it in a couple of easy steps. Quite handy if you have got an extensive set of pictures and you would want to check them out every now and then directly in your Desktop. I can certainly recommend it.

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