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Writing Great Ezines and Blogs – How to Improve Your Web Writing Experience

Now that I have recovered from the recent outage of elsua, it is that date of the week again, folks, where all of the community members from the LinkedIn webloggers will be creating a new weblog post over at their own weblogs in order to help promote the weblog from other community members. If you would remember, last week I talked about Conversationblog and this time around I will be talking about about one other weblog that I have been enjoying for a few weeks already as it provides lots of different hints and tips around the metablogging topic of good and effect web writing: Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff.

Indeed, in this particular weblog you will see how Patsi Krakoff gets to share some very interesting articles on how to get the most out of the web writing experience, whether you are thinking about your weblog(s), or whatever other methods of sharing knowledge and information on the Web, like newsletters, Ezines, articles, etc. In her weblog you will find an entire section on How to … Tips and Promoting your Ezine +/or Blog which will fit in quite nicely with the different weblog posts I have shared already on tips on how you can get more traffic for your weblog. So those folks interested in getting some more exposure for their web writings, specially weblog(s), they would have a good chance to learn a whole lot more from Patsi’s weblog Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff.

Take, for example, the last weblog post she has shared on the subject Google School Starts Tomorrow, where she is just detailing the teleseminar Dave Taylor and Steven Van Yoder will be hosting over the next three months “[…] on everything you need to know about Google to grow your business”. Oh, by the way, if you think your business could benefit from such tip I would suggest that you go ahead and sign up at http://www.howtogrowyourbiz.com/ in order to attend the seminar.

Thus as you will be able to read further on Patsi has got lots of different tips on how you can make sharing knowledge and information on the Web a lot easier than whatever you may have thought about in the past. I know that with the hype around weblogging going on at the moment, where everyone seems to know how to weblog, sometimes you may want to go the extra mile and certainly Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff would be a good start to improve things further a bit. Pretty much the same thing as what you could get if you are subscribed already to ProBlogger, How to Blog or even Building a Better Blog, where Patsi is one of the co-authors next to Denise Wakeman. Small world, indeed !

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