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KM Awareness – Tell Me What You Read and I Will Tell You Who You Are

In a recent weblog post Denham Grey was actually asking everyone out there who would want to chime in and share their two cents worth of commentary on the following question: “So exactly how do you follow KM ??” Indeed, in KM awareness he is actually wondering what resources KMers are actually checking out at this very moment as opposed to whatever else was happening in the past. So I thought I would go ahead and try to answer his question sharing some of the main resources that I get to check on a regular basis in order to follow Knowledge Management. And to get us started I am just going to use the same structure that Denham has used as well:

Use an aggregator:

  • I have been trying a number of them but lately I have been quite content with using Omea Pro. Very powerful and scalable feed reader that allows me to keep track of all of my RSS Newsfeeds. And talking about RSS Newsfeeds you can download my current list of KM feeds from the following URL: elsua’s KM feeds (Notice that you would need to be a member of the KMBloggers community in order to access the zipped file). As I go along I will be updating the same file on the same location, perhaps on a monthly basis.
  • Next to making use of del.icio.us‘ tags for KM I also follow quite regularly these tags from BlinkList: KM, KnowledgeManagement, Learning&Knowledge, Collaboration, PKM, SocialNetworking, SocialSoftware, Communitiesofpractice.

Subscribe to listservs, Yahoo groups and KM groups:

Although not very active in the different Yahoo and KM groups that I follow (I guess I am more the type of a lurker) these are the groups that I monitor on a more or less regular basis:

Participate in KM Forums:

I used to be a whole lot more active in this KM space but over time and as I have been getting much more involved with the KM blogosphere it has taken its share and therefore not getting there as often as I would like. However, with that said and if you would want to participate in one I can certainly recommend Brint. Perhaps this may be good time to come back.

Conduct regular searches and reading standard KM web sites:

Apart from the different resources that Denham mentions from some very popular search engines a couple of other search engines I tend to check every now and then are the following ones:

And as far as standard or regular web sites there are some of them that I tend to check every now and then to see what is going on in those KM spaces. Here you have got a list of my favourite ones:

As you will be able to see lots of different and diverse resources to follow up on regarding Knowledge Management, and a few other related disciplines to KM. I, too, agree with Denham and perhaps now the place to be are weblogs, at least, that is where I spend most of my time. And that is also the main purpose of the two weblogs that I maintain on the Internet: a repository of ideas, thoughts and opinions on KM that I may want to revisit at some point in time and be able to reuse it for whatever purpose.

So exactly how do you follow KM ??

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