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Conversationblog – Talk Is Cheap, Free Speech Isn’t

For a few weeks now I have been a member of a Yahoo group based on LinkedIn webloggers. For a few weeks now I have been lurking around checking out what they were up to. Till yesterday when I decided it was about time to jump in and get involved with the group. I am sure that you all know LinkedIn by now (Perhaps one of these days I will weblog about my experience with it but here is my profile just in case you may want to check it out) as perhaps one of the most interesting social networking tools out there for business professionals to be able to tap into each others’ knowledge and expertise through a number of different online collaboration tools and get to create some more virtual connections to help them in their professional careers.

So, as I said I decided to become more active in the LinkedIn webloggers group since they are doing some really good stuff out there in helping people understand what all these new tools related to Web 2.0 are all about, specially weblogging. One of the very interesting activities they are doing, and actually registering the results (As can be seen in the LinkedIn webloggers Yahoo group), is the fact that they have established a process by which every week they are promoting one weblog from the members who have volunteered to get that exposure out there in the Blogosphere. Yes, that is right, every week one weblog gets to be selected voluntarily and everyone else from the group who may want to get involved actually gets to write a weblog post in their own weblog linking back, or talking about, that weblog of the week.

The idea itself is that of getting a bit more awareness of the LinkedIn webloggers out there and get them to experiment further with what weblogging is all about: getting into different conversations from multiple angles and get people to connect with one another. So this week’s featured weblog is that of one of my fellow coworkers and IBMer Philippe Borremans’ Conversationblog. Philippe is a colleague of mine who works in Belgium and who has done a tremendous piece of work promoting weblogging both internally and externally. Perhaps every single event that has been organised in Europe about weblogging he has been there. Amazing ! He specialises in the Communications area and he is actually using his weblog for folks to understand how this new media could be made use of in order to help spread the message.

As you will be able to see he is also one of those folks who wants people to show what weblogging is all about by doing and learning on the fly, which is why when you go over to his weblog you will be able to find all sorts of different snippets and widgets that he has been making use of while subscribing to his weblog in order to show everyone the possibilities, even though Dave Taylor feels that it is perhaps a bit too many examples. And he might be right on that, although I still like what Philippe does demoing the possibilities of what people could do with their weblogs in order to get involved further.

Anyway, if you are interested in the world of PR and weblogging, specially from a corporate perspective, although with an interesting and personal touch from a European citizen like Philippe, I would strongly suggest you subscribe to his weblog and watch his space. I am sure we are bound to keep on learning a whole lot more from it. Also if you feel you would want to know about what corporate weblogging is all about Philippe would also be a good candidate to chime in with and get all the insights from him on how a large corporation like IBM gets involved with weblogging all over the place. Way to go, Philippe !

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  1. Hey Luis ! Didn’t know you were a member of LinkedIn Bloggers too ! This is a small world indeed. Thanks for your kind words re: my blog. I learn every day and welcome any comments you might have. with regards to the use of new technologies at IBM and the presentations I give at conferences… It’s because of people like you th

  2. Thanks a lot, Philippe, for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Yes, indeed, I have been a member for a few weeks now although till now I have more than anything else a lurker 😉 However, that just changed with the introduction I did the other day and this weblog post.

    And I am glad to hear you are continuing to spread the message around about these emerging technologies at IBM and beyond ! They are certainly very helpful in helping people connect with one another and I hope that one of these days we may be able to see each other in real life. It would be about time !:-)

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